Reviewing Your Change Management Progress – What Went Right and What’s Wrong

When:  Nov 29, 2023 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)

12:00 pm EST, 9:00 am PST.

Description: Statistics show that 70% of change efforts fail to achieve their goals. What is the top reason for this failure and what can you do to avoid it happening to you?  

Once a change management project is complete, it is important to prevent a reversion back to the prior state. Without an adequate plan, many employees will backslide into the “old way” of doing things. How can you embed changes into the company culture and practices to help them stick into the future? 

John Graves, Training Specialist, Winstead PC

Julia Montgomery, Senior Director of Solution Adoption, Intapp Systems

Eileen Whitaker, Senior Manager, Client Success and Solution Adoption, Intapp


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