At the Intersection of Technology and Practice Support

When:  Apr 22, 2024 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)

Explore the transformative landscape of legal tech in our upcoming webinar, where industry experts Dan O’Day, CEO & Co-Founder at ECFX, and Don Sternfeld, Chief Innovation Officer at Steptoe LLP, will delve into crucial topics shaping the future of law firms. Join us for an insightful discussion on the intersection of technology and legal practice, featuring key insights on tools used for automation, and their impact on overall firm efficiency.

Our expert panel will also share their experiences in selecting tech stacks and providing actionable recommendations for maximizing efficiency. Whether you're navigating challenges within your firm, or considering the implementation of new tools, our speakers will offer valuable insights and practical advice to elevate your legal tech strategy.

In this session:

- Delve into the intersection of technology and practice support, uncovering essential aspects that elevate legal operations.

- Explore effective strategies for identifying challenges within your firm and navigating the process of finding suitable solutions.

- Gain insights into optimizing workflows by leveraging tools for tasks traditionally handled by resource centers or highly paid secretaries.

- Examine the role of automation and generative AI, understand their impact on complementing or replacing human employees, and discover strategies for effective resource repurposing.

- Peer into the future of automation within the legal tech landscape, envisioning its trajectory and understanding the specific benefits that generative AI brings to revolutionizing legal processes.

- Explore the selection process behind tech stacks, receiving actionable advice for choosing tools that maximize efficiency. Additionally, gain practical recommendations on implementing new tools, whether starting with desired processes or addressing specific problems within the firm.

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