Automate the Capture of Federal Court Filings to HighQ Through a SeeUnity/PacerPro Integration

When:  Aug 17, 2020 from 11:00 to 12:00 (ET)


Firms spend thousands of hours annually manually downloading, labelling, distributing and saving federal court filings and associated meta data, resulting in delays, incomplete files, and non-standard file naming conventions. PacerPro and SeeUnity have joined forces to securely integrate PacerPro with systems like HighQ, automating that process to significantly improve workflow for case teams and clients.

We'll be presenting the new integration with a panel of professionals from PacerPro, Thomson Reuters (HighQ), SeeUnity, and Husch Blackwell in order to convey an end to end perspective on gain and benefits.

- Explanation of why the integration is needed and how it works
- Demonstrate flow of data and end result
- Discussion on benefits related to integration from panel
- Q & A


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