How Law Firms Can Leverage Salesforce for Success

When:  Apr 17, 2023 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)

For many law firms, Salesforce is the ideal platform to keep their legal operations running smoothly. Widely recognized as the #1 cloud-based sales tool for business since 1999, law firms and legal departments globally are discovering the power of leveraging this platform as a practice management tool. Salesforce offers scalability, security, and compatibility with other applications.

Join Affinity Owner Kelly Whitfield and Chief Revenue Officer Beth Thompson for this enlightening session that dives into how law firms can fully leverage all that Salesforce has to offer. Attendees will come away with an understanding of:
• The robust security features of Salesforce’s data protection
• The range of tools for monitoring account activity
• Integration with other applications and how well they work together
• How easily Salesforce scales for large amounts of data and users
• Legal Specific Applications built on the Salesforce platform

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore how Salesforce can increase your efficiency and optimize your existing processes to achieve maximum success in your practice.

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Karen Scher