Ripped from the Headlines - Security in the COVID-19 World

When:  Mar 5, 2020 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)


This Thursday, March 5, we will be hosting a “Ripped from the Headlines” roundtable discussion focused on the legal community’s response to COVID-19. The situation with COVID-19 is ever-changing and could impact you and your ability to work for an extended period of time. ILTA is interested in knowing how our Members and Business Partners are responding to the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) situation. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.

Now is the time to update your Business Continuity/Disaster Preparedness plans!

During this session, your ILTA peers will discuss their plans, company policies and procedures, as well as potential pitfalls - to help ensure your smooth transition to working from home or other contingency if you are unable to carry on with your typical day to day. Due to the nature of this discussion, and in the spirit of inclusion, this event will be recorded and is open to all ILTA Members and Business Partners.

Topics Covered will include:

Policy Trends:

  • Firm policies around travel restrictions
  • Firm HR policy modifications around absenteeism and WFH
  • Changes in your firm's business events & conferences
  • Office hygiene changes
  • Avoiding sensitive conversations with clients or VIPs who appear to be sick

Contingency Preparedness:

  • Testing WFH technologies
  • Providing loaner equipment for key personnel as needed
  • Identifying mission-critical functions (on site or off)
  • Cross training staff to ensure adequate coverage
  • Engaging temporary staffing
  • Ensuring consultants, vendors and other business contacts are also prepared
  • Testing emergency notification systems
  • Upping licenses for tools supporting virtual work, emergency notifications, etc.,
  • Providing educational & support resources for attorneys & staff

Discussion moderators:

Cindy MacBean
Donna Payne
Jeff Brandt
Martha Breil
Marcos Marcal
Dean Leung
and more!

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