How the FBI Fits Into the Cybersecurity Ecosystem

When:  Mar 15, 2023 from 16:00 to 18:00 (PT)


How the FBI Fits Into the Cybersecurity Ecosystem

All too often victims are reluctant to work with the FBI during an incident, and understandably so: what the FBI does tends to be shrouded in mystery and/or perceived to be little more than seeking the right person to arrest. But the FBI’s investigative operations and its role in the Cybersecurity ecosystem is a bit more nuanced than that. Come join an FBI-Cyber supervisor and bring all your questions to this special one-hour in-person event. We will discuss what exactly the FBI’s role in Cybersecurity is, and how the FBI can help you better protect your assets. Jon Washburn, Stoel Rives’ CISO, will moderate the conversation and Nathan Morales, an attorney in Stoel’s Privacy and Data Security practice, will provide some additional insight on how involving the FBI in breach investigations, through counsel, can benefit clients. An attendance log for this event will be maintained for any lawyers that wish to apply for CLE credit.

Moderator: Jon Washburn, Stoel Rives CISO

Speakers: FBI Supervisory Special Agent Yaqub Prowell, Nathan Morales, Attorney Stoel Rives Privacy and Data Security Practice


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