Emerging Technology Product Briefing: Reality Just Shifted and Remote Working is Here to Stay

When:  Oct 26, 2020 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)


Reality Just Shifted and Remote Working is Here to Stay – How Cutting Edge Firms are Thriving by Integrating Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint with their DMS.

Enable Secure Collaboration and Close the Gap on Information Governance

We've gathered a panel of experts who've implemented the Echo solution to discuss their challenges related to quickly pivoting to enable their users to securely collaborate and work efficiently from anywhere, yet maintain control over their content. The panelists include implementation consultants, as well as customers (and our own integration experts). Our intent is to give several points of view, impart wisdom and lessons learned, and to discuss more of an end to end solution.

This is a follow up with to our July 13th Product Briefing on our solution to Close the Loop on IG for Users Collaborating with MS O365 & Teams.

Our CEO will facilitate a discussion with the panel, asking questions to impart experience related to:

• Support secure collaboration without sacrificing IG
• Seamlessly manage data across all repositories (on-prem, hybrid, cloud)
• Sync content and automate processes to promote efficient workflow
• Maintain full administrative oversight (reporting, audit trail, history, control over sync rules)
• Customize user experience - offer preferred choices for sync, increase user productivity and adoption
• Ensure IG and compliance
• Enable scalability for the organization


Dan Anderson - CEO at SeeUnity
Lisa Stone - Director Enterprise Content Management at Fireman & Company
Gene D’Aversa - Director of Project Management IT at Husch Blackwell

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