MatterAlert™ - Automate Matter Docketing and Court Limitations

When:  Aug 10, 2022 from 11:00 to 12:00 (ET)


MatterAlert is matter-centric docketing, tickler and calendar software that helps law firms manage all matter-related information in one platform. Join our webinar to see a brief product demo and learn how MatterAlert can help your organization manage matter tasks, activity and limitations.

More Info:

  • Matter Dashboard – Team members can view and update all critical matter-related information in one centralized location, including dates, tasks, accounting, document and email information.
  • Court Rules Integration – Critical trigger dates from courts across North America are tracked and automatically set up in the platform once a new matter is created. If courts update their rules, calendar events are automatically updated.
  • Matter Templates – Law firms can establish and use their own schedule-based templates for different matter types or to meet specific client requirements to automate task and calendar event creation.
  • Outlook Integration – Calendar events and reminders are automatically generated and updated in Outlook, creating efficiencies since most attorneys use Outlook every day.
  • Notifications – Team members will never miss a critical task or date with MatterAlert’s in-dashboard, email and calendar reminder notifications.
  • Bulk Updates – The matter legal team may change over time. The docketing manager can add or remove team members for all future appointments and tasks with just couple of clicks.
  • Easy Rollout – MatterAlert is a web-based application. All users need is a browser to work with this application.

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