Improve Legal Writing with Clear, Concise Editing Software

When:  Jun 10, 2024 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)

High-quality writing demands clear, concise word choice. But your organization’s reputation and client satisfaction depend on working quickly—and there is tension between writing quickly and writing well. Every word and every minute count when your team is pushing to meet page limits and deadlines. On top of that, archaic hallmarks of “authority” like legalese, business jargon, and overly wordy writing are becoming recognized as barriers to effective, convincing communication. Habits are hard to break, and editing takes time—and where are you going to get more of that?

Give time back to your team so they can focus on high-level work. WordRake editing software offers context-specific suggestions to improve the brevity and simplicity of legal writing, in seconds. In this 15-minute product briefing, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer Ivy B. Grey will show how WordRake reduces editing time while tightening and elevating writing quality. Created by legal writing expert Gary Kinder and a team of computational linguists, WordRake’s 35,000 algorithms make editing intuitive for all users.

If you work with:

• tight deadlines

• word or page limits

• confidential information

• plain language requirements

• people outside the legal field

• government agencies

• writers who hesitate to ask for editing help

—then WordRake is for you.

Your organization can try WordRake Enterprise for free for two weeks without any obligation to purchase. For more details, visit and register for our product briefing.

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