ILTA Europe - Automating with AI for Legal Firms

When:  Apr 16, 2024 from 11:00 to 12:00 (BST)

In association with Automation Outcomes, we would like to invite you to this webinar on: Automating with AI for Legal Firms. With AI adoption in legal firms growing exponentially, this webinar will discuss technologies and strategies that are succeeding today.

In a landscape where technology is rapidly transforming traditional legal practices, this online webinar shares insights and knowledge from industry experts and innovative legal firms on the use of AI to automate legal services. In this session we will explore the challenges and opportunities presented by AI and automation, sharing ideas, and identifying actionable strategies to deliver value and drive innovation within legal firms.

Key topics will include:

  • AI-Enhanced Automation in Legal: Discover the latest advancements and how they are reshaping the legal industry
  • Platforms & Opportunities: An exploration of the platforms facilitating legal automation and the opportunities they present
  • Success Stories: Real-World examples of automation in action within legal firms, illustrating the tangible benefits and efficiencies gained
  • Impact on Legal Billing Models: How AI is revolutionising the traditional billing model, paving the way for new business, and charging models that benefit both firms and their clients

Who should attend: This event is free to attend and open to lawyers and technologists within legal firms and in-house legal departments, responsible for the development, innovation, and evolution of legal services.

Webinar details: Webinar details will be sent to registered attendees at least 24hrs prior to the event.

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