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ILTA Community Mobile App


   The ILTA Connected Community Mobile App is a great way to take the power of the ILTA community with you on the go. The app is available for Apple and Android devices, and the features include:

  • Discussions: View and respond to the latest discussions with your colleagues, which are categorized by topical areas.
  • Directory: Find other members in your area or with similar interests.
  • Calendar: View a calendar of educational events being held in your area.
  • Blogs: Catch up on the latest by reading your colleague’s blogs in the ILTA community.
  • Libraries: View the informative documents and library files that your colleagues have made available to the community.  These include the recordings and session materials from ILTA events as well as the popular ILTA publications.

Restrictions: To have visibility into all areas of the app, you will need to be an employee of an ILTA member firm or corporate legal department. The mobile app uses the same login credentials established for accessing the website.

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