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  • We're definitely not the only ones: Re: ASR - Behavior Changes - Blocking under User Context Now? - Microsoft Tech Community . No solution reported yet, though. ------------------------------ David ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    We were put between the old rock and a hard place and had to scramble to implement a new phone system (long story). With Zoom's help, we managed to stand up our new zoom environment to about 170 users, ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    I seem to recall some bad blood between RingCentral (whose tech is based on Zoom) and Zoom that resulted in a lawsuit. I would want to see if and how that was resolved before I went with RingCentral. ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    I would also recommend that you take a look at Dialpad. If you are going to ILTACon they will be there. We converted from an on-premises Cisco system about a year ago and have been very happy with them. ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    With your size, I would stay away from RC. We have RC, and the level of attention we can get from them is almost none. We have difficulty getting responses from support, and because we are too small, ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    Looking to replace our phone switch and dial tone. I saw a ZOOM Phone demo and it looks pretty good. One of my attorneys is also wanting me to look at RingCentral, I've seen them around a while. Please ...

  • We have Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Endpoint Manager / Endpoint Security in place. We have a fairly standard rule in place: Block executable content from email client and webmail. This has not ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    Thank you for the feedback Michelle! Best, Graig ------------------------------ Graig Cortelyou Tully Rinckey Kuhn PLLC Chief Operating Officer Albany NY United States Number of Attorneys: 3 Number ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    Hi Graig, I like to say that it is an AND (not an OR) discussion when it comes to practice management and document management solutions. They both do different things, and you will likely gain advantages ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    Thank you @Mark Palmer We have also reached out to Slido to see when their MSFT Teams integration will be available on iOS or Android smartphones versus only on the Teams "desktop". It looks like ...

Press Wall

  • FileTrail Launches Expanded Partner Program

    Records management and information governance leader expands its network of implementation partners to support continued growth
  • Wilson Allen merges with LAC Group

    Merger creates market leader in high  growth information & technology services sector
  • Everest Discovery Promotes Josh Williams to Associate Director, eDiscovery

    Everest Discovery has promoted Josh Williams to associate director of eDiscovery at the company.
  • Hong Kong-Based Law Firm Tanner De Witt Selects Tiger Eye for iManage Adoption

    Hong Kong-Based law firm Tanner De Witt selects leading UK-based iManage Partner Tiger Eye for iManage Cloud adoption, managing DMS implementation and training
  • Kronick Selects Casepoint to Standardize Cloud-Based eDiscovery

    Leading California law firm partners with Casepoint to upgrade their legal discovery platform, gain a competitive edge, and leverage AI-powered technology.
  • ClauseBase launches Word plugin to create clause libraries. Free up to 3 users.

    Legal drafting software provider ClauseBase recently launched its new product ClauseBuddy.
  • Baker McKenzie Chooses RBRO Solutions to Streamline Global iManage Provisioning

    The leading global law firm will integrate numerous products and tools as part of its strategic partnership with the iManage technology partner.
  • Tiger Eye Take Roythornes Solicitors To The iManage Cloud

    Roythornes Solicitors have today [30th June] announced their adoption of the iManage Cloud, with system implementation, training and support by Tiger Eye.
  • Venio Systems Announces V10.4 to Enhance Key eDiscovery Capabilities

    Venio Systems, announces significant enhancements to Venio platform for a better, faster, stronger, and more secure eDiscovery solution in version 10.4
  • E-Discovery Business Takes New Approach to Collecting Digital Evidence

    E-Discovery Business Unique Wire Takes New Approach to Collecting and Preparing Digital Evidence to Spur Growth and Expansion

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