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    AVAILABLE NOW: WEBINAR INSTANT REPLAY https://www.docsolid.com/webinars/ilta-product-briefing-create-a-digital-mailroom-with-airmail2/ ------------------------------ Michael Herzog ...

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    Last call to the Legal Jeopardy Trivia on October 2 at 3 PM PT, 6 PM EST and 11 PM UK. This is a great opportunity to have fun and network with other ILTA professionals while staying at home. We are ...

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    This is a hot topic in the ALA community. They've had many conference sessions just on this topic. I'll check to see if there is material available. This could also be a good session for next year's ILTA ...

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    A very timely discussion Steve.   The good news is that the sharing of virtual firmwide and outsourced resources has been undertaken by a variety of firms in the past.  The better news is that there is ...

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    The system you describe is exactly how we manage our document production team here.  Central mail account, group permissions for the DP team with oversight by the manager of the group.  It's worked very ...

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    I'm also very keen to hear how this goes.  Roberta Gelb's post also got me thinking about how the work would be allocated.  I am aware of a team here, not legal assistants but a team of legal contract ...

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