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    Hi Hung, DMARC will fail if both SPF and DKIM fail.  If either SPF or DKIM pass *and* the protocol that passes is aligned with the domain in the Header From field (the From: field of the message), DMARC ...

  • Good Friday morning everyone. The Security and Compliance CCT is putting together a program focused on what best practices you have rolled out around good security hygiene at your firms. Some examples ...

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    Sharing this developing story. Investigate and take measures if you use their devices. https://techcrunch.com/2019/10/14/pitney-bowes-ransomware-attack/ The company said   in a statement   that ...

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    I agree with judith. I am in the document management software industry and would take the proof on concept a step further. If you have narrowed it down to 2 solutions ask each one to build a usable cloud ...

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    Great stuff Joe! I Listened to 1 and 2 on my way to work (which identifies my commute distance. Not too bad today). Thanks for your work here. I'll continue to look for new ones. Enjoyed them. ...

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    For those looking to understand what the CCPA is all about, check out my interview with Mark Diamond on episode 2 of ILTA's Bleeding Edge podcast: https://www.iltanet.org/resources/publications/bleedingedge#e2. ...

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