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    What she said! - Ellen

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    The irony here, at least to me, is that often we find that the professionals feel "dragged along" when initiatives / projects are undertaken.   The professional "staff" are often at the forefront of identifying ...

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    Hi Folks!  As the author of the article I felt I should reply.  With back office personnel, what I'm trying to express is the idea is that you have to engage them in the decision-making process as early ...

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    Good afternoon, We are using Needles case management and one of our partners is consistently getting an Outlook automation error.  Screenshot attached.  I've engaged support on this several times and ...

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    Size of firm might come into play as well. Rocket Matter's pricing page doesn't seem to be targeting firm's with > than (insert your number here) of attorneys. You get a success manager with 4 pro users. ...

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    I think whether or not the back office (or IT department) is on-board with the change depends on how they perceive the change. If the change is seen as adding more work to their already full plates, they ...

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