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    Carolyn, I think you raise good points. Incorporating a rotation plan, so people can work from home periodically and exercise their "remote work muscle memory" is a good idea. Having a supportive firm ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    I was wondering if the pandemic and cloud is encouraging anyone to rethink the hardware they deploy to staff?  Would deploying laptops vs. PCs for staff members be part of a Business Continuity Plan ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    Ben - thank goodness I elected to use "on-prem" in my response. I saved you from writing another blog post, though I am grateful for the grammar lesson. Dan ------------------------------ Dan McLoughlin ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    Thought I had replied via email, but let's try the traditional method. For us, our view of cloud has not changed as a result of the pandemic. Whether systems are "on-prem", or in "the cloud" is not the ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    Cloud or Not Cloud Firms should be asking themselves who many people in their organization are able to support the on-going operations of their their on-premsises enterprise applications (email, DMS, file ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    No, the pandemic hasn't changed my view of cloud computing. I was already bought-into the value that the appropriate use of cloud computing can bring and it has nothing to do with where data or servers ...

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