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    We've been looking at options to improve on how we communicate to users to ensure they are all getting and reading important messages.  Especially during this time where it is key for users to read important ...

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    This is my first ILTA post. Hello (Bula and Namaste) from Fiji. Unfortunately we are currently also experiencing a Cyclone in addition to the COVID19 mess. In terms of providing assistance the the broader ...

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    I would say probably not. While in some cases it may have made things easier, there was always a need to access information on site. At least for us. We are a little unique in that we have a number ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    Dear ILTAns! This week, we will be wrapping up our Question of the Day initiative.  Look for our virtual roundtable wrap-up next week.  At that time, we will decide about continuing the weekly virtual ...

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    I'm opening a can of wheat and breaking out the grinder ... haven't seen flour on the shelves for weeks. ------------------------------ Carolyn Humpherys Traveling Coaches, Inc. Learning and Change Management ...

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    My answers: From an organizational standpoint: Sadly, not much. However, we are just trying to keep our attorneys up-to-date from a CLE standpoint. We have waived the in person CLE requirement ...

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