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    Dearest ILTAns! We are taking a break from Question of the day today - we'll be back tomorrow to talk about project prioritization (spoiler alert). I wanted to take a minute simply to wish you all health ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    Along these lines, please share your state's Executive Order on the topic of using remote notaries and/or witnesses if it's not included below. Here is my list so far: AL https://governor.alabama.gov/assets/2020/03/4th-Supplemental-State-of-Emergency-COVID-19.pdf ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    ​​I'm sure many of you are in the same boat … we're looking for eNotary solutions. Of course requirements vary per jurisdiction. Can any of you suggest a solution? We're looking at  DocuSign (with webex ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    Hi Jim, First off, as a disclaimer, I am a vendor. The best channel to get your users' attention is SMS messages. People always have their phone in hand, and with notifications popping up on the screen, ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    Carolyn, I think you raise good points. Incorporating a rotation plan, so people can work from home periodically and exercise their "remote work muscle memory" is a good idea. Having a supportive firm ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    I was wondering if the pandemic and cloud is encouraging anyone to rethink the hardware they deploy to staff?  Would deploying laptops vs. PCs for staff members be part of a Business Continuity Plan ...

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