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Strategic Business Partner Team Member - iManage

Signup Deadline: 02-09-2020
Starts: 03-01-2020
Ends: 12-31-2020


A Strategic Business Partner Team Member (SBPTM) is part of a team responsible for developing and maintaining strong relationships with key Strategic Business Partners (SBP) in the legal space. As part of the team, the SBPTM will work with the team leader the, Strategic Partner Liaison (SPL), to facilitate dialogue with both ILTA members and SBPs and educational programming regarding the SBPs’ products and services through, for instance, webinars, workshops, articles in publications, and product briefings, announcements, roadmaps, and training.

We are looking for 2 members to be added to the SBP Team for iManage for the products:  Govern and RAVN


  • Be an active user of (IRM, Work, RAVN), an advocate of iManage in their organization and provide constructive feedback to iManage and its partners on how to improve the company's products to drive high user adoption and satisfaction
  • Be an active member of ILTA with demonstrated peer support and desire to help the industry as a whole
  • Have open two way communications with users of iManage products in their organization (i.e. attorneys at all level, legal assistants, admin staff)
  • Do not have to have deep technical knowledge of iManage products but would be an asset.
  • Preference would be for the candidate to have a deep understanding of the user function, workflow, challenges, and needs
SBPTM for Govern

  • Experience in more than one area of Govern is preferred
    • Records Manager (IRM):
      • An individual with experience with records and governance
      • Helps set and enforce governance policies within their organization
      • Preference for individuals who are active in the IRM users group
    • Threat Manager and Security Policy Manager
      • An individual with experience using TM and SPM for security and compliance within their organization
      • Experience with utilizing the products to satisfy outside counsel guidelines and external client audits
      • For SPM specifically, an individual with experience with need-to-know security and ethical walls and associated governance policies


  • RAVN is iManage's core search engine and will be the foundation for all search. The individual's firm should have a plan to move to RAVN for Work 10 search in the near future. Experience in more than one area of RAVN is preferred. 
    • RAVN for Work 10 (DMS Search)
    • RAVN Insight (Enterprise search) 
    • RAVN Extract (AI/KM)

Objective Criteria:

  • ILTA member
  • At least two years’ experience working in legal technology
  • At least two years’ experience working with SBP products
  • Volunteer experience speaking, writing, or making other contributions volunteer to ILTA or similar professional organization
  • Willingness to accept direction from volunteer leadership and ILTA Staff
  • Willingness to reflect ILTA’s core values at all times

Subjective Criteria:

  • Professional demeanor
  • Ability to work within a goal-oriented, results-driven team
  • Ability to convey ideas respectfully
  • Respect ILTA’s protocol and history
  • Ability to put aside personal objectives in deference to membership’s needs
  • Ability to provide practical programming direction 

Desired Skills:

  • Deep knowledge of and working experience with prospective SBP
  • Effective interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to work within a team environment
  • Ability to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines
  • Business acumen
  • Project management experience
  • Ability to respond to rapidly shifting priorities

ILTA volunteer leaders do not receive compensation for their services, but may be reimbursed for expenses.

A Strategic Business Partner is an ILTA business partner with:

  • significant market share in the legal industry,
  • multiple products deeply ingrained in the legal industry, or
  • a significant number of ILTA members interested in the business partner being included in the SBP program.


  • One SPL will serve as the team leader.
  • Two to five SBPT members

One year, renewable subject to annual interview and approval, from January 1 to December 31


  • Contribute to ILTA's Programming Framework regarding the SBP’s discipline
  • Participate in detailed review and selection of topics
  • Review ILTA’s annual Technology Survey
  • Promote the SBP to ILTA’s membership
  • Maintain resource pages on ILTA’s website
  • Monitor and report on egroups relevant to SBP


  • Review potential topics and ideas
  • Determine specific deliverables
  • Develop and direct deliverables the team will execute
  • Collaborate to determine type of programming for each topic
  • Act as Program Sponsor for SBP-related programming


  • Attend monthly team status calls
  • Meet with SBP contacts in-person as opportunities arise (e.g. industry events)
  • Facilitate communication between SBP and PAC, PPC, CCT and membership
  • Post SBP news on appropriate eGroups
  • Develop and maintain network of relationships within SBP, including product development, marketing and executive level professionals
  • Respect the SBP’s need for confidentiality
  • Guide educational programming concerning SBP’s products and services
  • Provide input into future SBP product and service development (for instance, by joining product advisory groups)
  • Facilitate discussions between ILTA members and SBP
  • Monitor SBP product-related eGroups for programming and facilitation opportunities
  • Collaborate with CCTs as appropriate

Skills you can expect to learn from this volunteer position include:

  • Leadership
  • Goal setting
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Mentorship
  • Improved subject matter expertise


Volunteers Needed:

2 (0 open slots)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience




Marsha Golod
Customer Success Manager