Strategic Partner Liaison for Aderant (2024 - 2025)

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Signup Deadline: 04-23-2024
Starts: 05-01-2024
Ends: 12-31-2024


A Strategic Partner Liaison (“SPL”) is responsible for developing and maintaining strong relationships with key strategic business partners in the legal space. The SPL will lead a team of volunteers (Strategic Business Partner Team, “SBPT”) to help facilitate discussions for both members and business partners as well as provide educational programming around business partners’ products and services, including webinars, workshops, articles in publications, product briefings/product announcements/product roadmaps, and product training.

Strategic Business Partner (“SBP”)

A Strategic Business Partner is a business partner:
• With a significant market share in the legal industry OR
• With multiple products which are deeply ingrained in the legal industry OR
• Who have a significant share of ILTA members desiring to include a Strategic Business Partner in the program.

Two-year, renewable subject to application/interview process: January 1 to December 31

Volunteer leaders of the association do not receive compensation for their services but may be reimbursed for expenses.

Team Composition:
The team is comprised of the following roles:

  • One Strategic Partner Liaison will serve as Chair
  • One Strategic Partner Liaison will serve as a Program Planning Council liaison (this may or may not be the Chair)
  • Each Strategic Partner Liaison may have a Strategic Partner Team that will consist of two to five team members (dependent on the Strategic Business Partner)
  • Liaison from ILTA Board of Directors

The team will be supported by the ILTA staff education team.


    • Execute ILTA's Programming Framework with respect to the educational program for the SBP’s the area of discipline.
    • Mentor Team Members.
    • Participate in the detailed review and selection of topics.
    • Review ILTA’s annual Technology Survey.
    • Review existing SBPs on an annual basis to ensure they continue to fall within the parameters listed under “Strategic Business Partner” and provide recommendations to the Board for additions or removals from the list. The Board established the following metrics to help requalify existing and identify new SBPs:
      - Number of key business partners in core product space.
      - Strategic value to the legal industry.
    • Review ILTA’s annual Technology Survey
    • Prepare and present an Annual Report to the Board.
    • Promote the SBP to our members, including, but not limited to eGroup postings and publication sidebars.
    • Recreate and maintain the SRP resource pages on ILTA website.
    • Maintain and develop contacts within the SBP.


    • Hold monthly status conference calls with SBP.
    • Hold monthly status calls with SBPT.
    • Meet in-person with SBP contacts when opportunities arise, e.g. ILTACON and other industry events.
    • Attend SBP committee monthly calls and potentially in-person meetings (i.e. Volunteer Planning Meetings, ILTACON, etc.).
    • Provide effective, regular communications between SBP, the Programming Committee, the CCT and membership. This includes posts on appropriate eGroups re business partner news when appropriate.
    • Develop and maintain network of relationships in the SBP organization including product development, marketing and executive level.
    • Respect the need for business partner confidentiality where appropriate.
    • Guide educational programming around SBP products and services.
    • Provide direction in future SBP product/service development, e.g. get involved in product advisory groups.
    • Facilitate discussions for our members and SBPs when issues arise.
    • Educate SBP teams about ILTA and the legal market using PowerPoint presentation outlining the SRP as a guide.
    • Monitor SBP product and topic related eGroups looking for programming and facilitating opportunities.
    • Coordinate with SBP on company updates at ILTACON.
    • Review ILTA’s annual Technology Survey for accuracy around SBP products.
    • Collaborate with Content Teams when appropriate. 

    Qualifications for Service

    Objective Criteria:

    • ILTA member
    • At least two years’ experience working in legal technology
    • At least two years’ experience working with partner productions
    • Experience as a speaker, author, or regular e-group contributor (or other volunteer experience within ILTA or similar professional organization)
    • Willingness to accept direction from the volunteer leadership and ILTA staff as required
    • Willingness at all times to act as a reflection of ILTA’s core values

    Subjective Criteria:

    • Professional demeanor
    • Ability to work within a goal-oriented, results-driven team
    • Ability to convey ideas with respectfulness
    • Respect for protocol and history of the organization
    • Ability to put aside personal objectives in deference to the needs of the membership
    • Ability to provide practical programming direction for the organization 

    Desired Skills:

    • Deep knowledge and working experience with prospective business partner
    • Effective interpersonal communication
    • Ability to work within a team environment
    • Ability to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines
    • Business acumen
    • Project management experience
    • Ability to respond to rapidly shifting priorities 


    System Qualifications:


    Volunteers Needed:

    1 (0 open slots)

    Experience Required:

    4 - 6 Years Industry Experience




    Jeanne Martinez
    Director of Membership & Volunteer Operations