Events Committee Co Chair (2024 - 2026)

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Signup Deadline: 05-28-2024
Starts: 06-01-2024
Ends: 07-31-2026
Location: Online Opportunity



The Events Committee will be a resource to develop and implement any ILTA events, aside from conferences (ILTACON and EVOLVE)


The Events Committee Co-chair’s role and responsibilities includes:

  • Provide oversight of event programming to ensure it provides value to ILTA members, partners, and volunteers.
  • Participate in the Education Council to coordinate, collaborate and cross-share planning across the committees
  • Report plans and activities of the Events Committee to the Education Council to ensure overall alignment and involvement required with other committees
  • Create overall strategy with Council Co-Chairs (Programming Committee and ILTACON Committee) to ensure optimum use of resources
  • Collaborate with Council Co-Chairs (Programming Committee and ILTACON Committee) to propose an annual calendar of ILTA Events
  • Identify opportunities (such as templates, proven processes, KPI’s, etc.) to streamline event production
  • Identify and develop opportunities for revenue generation 
  • Plan and organize events to deliver high-quality value to attendees and their supporting organizations 
  • Evaluate events and get membership feedback to determine if they should be held again and how to improve them 
  • Facilitate innovation through brainstorming, focus groups or other methods to continuously experiment with new or evolving events
  • Collaborate with peer organizations to raise ILTA’s brand profile, recruit more members and deliver content beyond ILTA’s current audience
  • Leverage the knowledge of internal and external partners .
  • Attend and participate in scheduled meetings of the Education Council
  • Select and seat Events Teams and delegate responsibilities in line with the annual calendar set for the upcoming year.


  • Two-year term with a maximum of three consecutive terms; renewable subject to selection process; can reapply after two years of non-service: August 1 to July 31
  • Co-Chair terms will be staggered


Minimum Criteria:

  • Active ILTA member, business partner or industry participant
  • Complete the ILTA Conflict of Interest Form
  • At least two years’ experience working in legal technology
  • Experience as a speaker, author, or regular e-group contributor (or other volunteer experience within ILTA or similar professional organization)
  • Accept direction from the volunteer leadership and ILTA staff as required
  • Act as a reflection of ILTA’s core values at all times.
  • Abide by ILTA's Conflict of Interest Policy

Preferred Skills:

  • Meeting / event planning
  • Deep knowledge/experience of technology in the legal profession
  • Coordination / facilitation skills
  • Work within a team environment
  • Prioritize tasks to meet deadlines
  • Project management experience
  • Respond to rapidly shifting priorities
  • Public speaking experience
  • Familiarity with ILTA in- person events and local meetings


The most important skills you will develop while in this position:

  • Event coordination and planning
  • Goal setting, prioritizing and deadline meeting
  • Improve subject matter expertise in planning and executing educational and social events, understand target audiences, and benefit from networking opportunities
  • Improved communication skills
  • Leadership
  • Meeting facilitation and public speaking
  • Mentorship
  • Networking
  • Project Management
  • Speaker interviewing and selection


ILTA volunteer leaders do not receive compensation for their services but may be reimbursed for expenses.


ILTA seeks to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the legal tech community. Holding this core value central to all volunteer efforts will be key to the success of individuals holding ILTA volunteer roles and remains a top priority for ILTA

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience




Katie LaGrange
Event Education Coordinator