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We Were Promised a Legal 3.0: Predictions for 2024 and Beyond

Are you ready to dive into the thrilling possibilities and advancements unfolding within branches of legal tech as we begin 2024?Then, find a comfortable spot and get cozy because this Peer-to-Peer is brimming with not-so-distant future predictions, key considerations, innovative solutions, and process-based insights contributed by those at the forefront of navigating rapidly changing areas of legal landscapes. As many of you would suspect, a significant portion of articles highlight issues and solutions surrounding how digital data is collected, stored, organized, presented, and protected. And if we can confidently predict one thing about 2024, it is that Gen AI will continue to be one of this year’s hottest topics! As a special treat, this issue contains a bonus section devoted entirely to Gen AI predictions for 2024 and beyond.
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Winter 2023

FALL 2023

Data, Data Everywhere: Tools and Tips for Your Tech Journey

Where should we start?! Data is everywhere, it is everything. And in this issue, we’ll tackle how you use it, why you should or should not find a new MSP, and why data will continue to be the talk of the town. For this issue, open to both business partners and members, case studies are welcome and should look at data as a larger part of the proverbial legal-tech bubble…
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Fall 2023


You’re Working from Where?! Hybrid Work vs the Future of the Global Office

Summer is here! With hot new content, tons of new features and ways to interact with ILTA events and publications, there is something here for everyone looking for more information on how the global office and world is evolving!
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Spring 2023


What (Else) Could Go Wrong? Navigating the Changing Legal Tech Landscape

Welcome to the Spring issue! Here, let's take a look at the Changing Legal Tech Landscape and see how the last few years have changed the way we have used and integrated tech into our #legaltech lives!
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Spring 2023


Go Big or Go Home: Predictions and Planning for A Brave New World

As we close out 2022, take a moment to dive into our Winter issue! With helpful tools and tips, it’ll set your tech stage for 2023!
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winter 2022

FALL 2022

Can’t We Just All Get Along: Out with the Old Tech and In with the New

We’re back from ILTACON and ready to roll! Fall into this issue and see how many new and interesting articles and features you can explore! We have all new articles, White Papers, videos, columns, and members information packed into this issue. And, as if that wasn’t enough, we take a look back to ILTACON 2022 and ahead to LegalSEC Summit... and much, much more!
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fall 2022


Global Technologists Assemble: How Legal Collaboration Must Evolve

Welcome to the ILTA Summer issue--over 90 pages!! New articles on data security, AI, Cloud applications, plus Quarterly White Paper section, new columns, podcasts, episodes of ILTA TV, a Business Partner section and spotlight, and much, much more!
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summer 2022


Trends and Terrible Ideas: How Legal Tech Should Look Ahead with Caution

Warmer weather means longer days… which means more time to read your brand-new copy of Peer to Peer! This issue hits the ground running, with articles on RPA and ML, to document management reimagined, to financial spend strategies, and all the spaces in-between!
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spring 2022


Maturity and Security: Legal and Law Departments in the 21st Century

This last issue of 2021 for Peer to Peer tackles Maturity and Security: Legal and Law Departments in the 21st Century. This HUGE issue, over 100 pages, covers global events, new products and services, and how implementation is a trickle-down process.
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winter 2021

FALL 2021

Rise of Collaboration: Vendors, Tools, and Groups

This issue showcases collaboration: new authors, new topics, new types of articles, and new podcasts. Articles discuss how technologists are using key tools or products to help think outside the box.
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fall 2021


Adapting to Acceleration: Tech Challenges and Changes

With great anticipation, ILTA is pleased to publish a special double-digital issue for Summer 2021. This two-part issue will first tackle the challenges legal technologists, their organizations, law firms, and our Business Partners must overcome during these challenging times. Part two of the Summer issue will focus on the changes that these groups are expecting to see once the changes have been implemented and are in practice.
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Thriving in the Post-Pandemic Legal Tech World

This issue of Peer to Peer is focused on moving forward, with an eye backward to a very challenging year. Inside, you will find a plethora of both Member and Business Partner content, articles, studies, best practices and more, pairing articles on security, knowledge management, internal role changes, shifts technology, and much more.
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International Relations: Technology and Governance take to the World Stage

In the final issue for 2020, we cross continents and oceans in search of new, innovative tech and governance. This international issue will look at how technology is adapting and influencing legal across the globe through articles and virtual content.
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Winter 20 P2P
FALL 2020

Data Science and Analytics

This issue gives a glimpse into Data and Analytics, with new articles and ways to think outside your traditional legal tech. Coming out just after an exciting ILTA>ON virtual meeting, and packed full of new articles, features, and sections, this quarter’s magazine has something for all #legaltechnologists.
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Fall 20 P2P

Community Engagement and Technology

The last few months have been all about our shared world. For the Summer 2020 issue of Peer to Peer, Part 1 and 2, we take a look at the greater legal technology community, events, outreach, and how technology touches every facet of this shared world.
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Summer1&2 2020 P2P

Breaking and Making

With an all-new look and feel, and chock-full of digital assets, take a few minutes and thumb through Breaking and Making: How AI, Security, and New Blood are Challenging the Status Quo!
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Spring 20 P2P

Challenges and the Road Ahead

As we near the end of 2019, this issue addresses the Challenges that Innovation and Evolution brought to technology and that must now be implemented.
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FALL 2019

Diversity in Technology

Curating content from all aspects of Diversity in Technology, this issue looks at getting a seat at the Table, the impact of women and early-career professionals in the workplace, Law 2020, technology and AI influences, and much more!
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New Business Perspectives: Finding Innovative Solutions: Part 2

We are thrilled to showcase additional articles, columns, supplemental materials, along with a robust event section, featuring ILTACON 2019.
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New Business Perspectives: Finding Innovative Solutions

For the 2019 Summer issue of Peer to Peer, the extended ILTA family submitted so many quality articles and supplemental materials that the Summer issue has been split into two. Publishing in late June, Part 1 is available here and Part 2 will publish in late July. The second half of the Summer issue will have even more articles, features, columns, and upcoming ILTA event information.
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Forward Thinking Approach: From a Member Perspective

This issue offers new content in an iterative, forward-thinking approach to the day-to-day tech challenges facing ILTA members. With over a dozen new articles, covering bleeding-edge topics applicable to members and their firms, there’s something here for everyone!
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Strategic Planning for Leadership into 2019

The 2018 Winter issue brings together many exciting new articles revolving around leadership and collaboration. Five new podcasts and new columns help round out this issue.
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FALL 2018


Celebrating an updated look and feel, the Fall 2018 issue of Peer to Peer contains over a dozen articles, including expanded features, case studies, and best practices, along with brand new digital assets and five podcasts. A slew of new quarterly columns showcases ILTA’s renewed and innovative spirit. Read more

Applications to Services

Articles discuss various aspects of cloud or SAAS based initiatives, including what services are being used/considered, on premise products or in the cloud, change management and internal training examples, and articles showcasing practical examples, step-by-step case studies, and more. Read more

Security, Information Governance and Data Privacy

We begin the year by focusing on processes, tools, and a multitude of administered organizational services, and their relationship to Security, Information Governance, and Data Privacy. Read more

2017 In Review: Successes and Lessons Learned

As we head into the heart of winter (except those of our members Down Under), we take a look back through our past year and reflect on our successes and technology lessons learned. This issue provides features on innovation, cybersecurity and content management, with many best practice perspectives and case studies. Read more
FALL 2017

Information Management: Ducks In A Row

This issue provides recommendations on the application, implementation and communication around tools and processes in the areas of security, matter management, ediscovery, artificial intelligence, data governance, privacy laws and organizational change. Read more

Future-Focused: Planning Ahead

Mahatma Gahndi once said, "The future depends on what you do today." This simple yet inspiring message should resonate with any professional who is planning ahead for sustainable success in their legal organization. Today is the day to learn about digital endurance from technology giants; today you should embrace design thinking to drive superior lawyer experiences; today is when you hear how a law firm turned the conventional practice structure on its head. Today is the day to be future-focused. Read more

IT Operations: The Right People, Processes and Tools

Gartner defines IT operations as “the people and management processes associated with IT service management to deliver the right set of services at the right quality and at competitive costs for customers.” In short, IT operations is all about having the right people, processes and tools — and using them well. Whether you envision planning for the future, aligning IT with the business, protecting the firm’s network or implementing a new firmwide application, you’ll see something for you in our spring magazine. Read more

Professional Development: Sharpen Your Skills

We love going into a new year celebrating the potential for personal and professional growth. It’s a “looking forward” mindset that is the root of positive change. The contributors to this issue of our magazine know a lot about positive change, and they’re providing wonderful advice and first-hand experiences from which you’ll benefit. Read more
FALL 2016

The Business and Practice of Law: Two Sides of One Coin

The business of law. The practice of law. These two notions have often seemed distant cousins, with sharp lines drawn between administrative personnel and lawyers. But change has been afoot for many years, and these disciplines are experiencing deeper collaboration, a clearer understanding of each other, and the knowledge that when the two sides of the coin work in harmony to delivery client value, everyone wins. Read more

Future-Focused: Future Tech

This edition is filled with provocative ideas, scary thoughts, nostalgic reflections, interesting observations and more. We’ll ground you with practical advice on Office 365 migrations and the imperative of continuous learning; we’ll pique your interest with the notion of lawyers practicing from space; we’ll sate your innovation cravings with talk of blockchain, virtual reality and robotic lawyering; we’ll take you to the edge of your seats with cyber threats and shadow IT; and we’ll keep you turning the pages for more of our contributors’ views of our future. Read more

There's An App For That!

This app-focused magazine provides a great lineup of content and a bonus of vocabulary expansion (and you’re thinking “Words with Friends” has that covered). As I read about “Splunk” and “Waze,” I began to fantasize about the merger of Waze and Uber to create “Waze and Meanz.” This spring edition of the magazine gets our annual publication lineup off to a brisk start with a style makeover and fabulous content. Read more

Security, Up High and Down Low

As we ring in a new year, there is no more pervasive, relevant or ubiquitous concern facing our profession than “security.” Its many facets and rapidly changing complexities have us locking our doors, our networks and our processes for information exchange like never before. The legal sector is on the front line in safeguarding client and firm data, and one of our authors opines, “The world is far more connected now than at any time in history. The need to protect personal information and data from criminal, deliberate or accidental access or loss has never been greater.” Read more
FALL 2015

Our Mobile Workforce

Gadgets and widgets and apps . . . oh, my! It’s enough to make your chief security officer hide under the bed. Successful mobile strategies require diligence in learning and heeding policies, procedures and best practices around information governance, security and interoperability. Our contributors to this magazine have successes to share, and you’ll see mobility examined from every angle. We’ve got details on successful mobile device deployments, an in-depth review of Office 365, data management practices, pitfalls and lessons learned. Read more

Law2020®: Business and Legal Process Improvements

We celebrate our sixth annual Law2020-themed issue of Peer to Peer by focusing on this important topic. With another chorus of “innovate or perish” ringing in our ears, our contributors to this publication have provided great insight from their own explorations of and successes with business process improvements. Read more

The Professional Evolution

This issue of Peer to Peer looks at the changes around us and provides great advice across many professional roles. We're thrilled that many other associations provided rich content to support the roles they serve and speak of the challenges we face. Read more

Fewer Connectors, More Connections

We’re creating an untethered workforce and plugging into connections in a whole new way. Besides great advice around managing your personal brand in the social media, our contributors talk about all things “connection-related”: moving to a Lync voice system, cloud-based case management, leveraging social portals to connect with clients, process mapping for improved collaboration, “security as a service” to defend against social engineering attacks and much more. Read more