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view the webinar » Law Firm Innovation Takes More than Talk External Article Law Firm Innovation Takes More than Talk External Article Law Firm Innovation Takes More than Talk The legal market remains abuzz with innovation talk and articles

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ILTA Innovation Initiative ILTA is engaging in the development of the ideas of tomorrow by providing and facilitating the platforms for vigorous discourse and problem-solving today. About ILTA Innovation ILTA's international membership comprises law firms and legal departments within organizations of all sizes and all areas of practice, each sharing a common need to have access to the latest information about products and support services that impact the legal profession worldwide. ILTA is leading this initiative to bring together a diverse group of people, resources, and opportunities to ensure innovation advances across the legal community. Initiative Includes: Identify and Frame Opportunities Through collaborative, facilitated discussions with a broad cross-section of the legal technology industry, ILTA wants to identify and frame both practical and aspirational legal Innovation opportunities and challenges Design and Prototype Solutions Frameworks By applying flexible and creative community collaboration and facilitation frameworks, ILTA plans to develop working teams around Innovation Create and Test Practical Applications In collaboration between member legal service providers, business solutions partners, start-ups and designers, develop and test practical solutions Develop Resources, Education and Networking ILTA wants connect our members and the legal tech industry to each other and to the best-in-class resources and education around Innovation

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Innovation Is Not a Dirty Word

Innovation was, in short, a dirty word...Either way, many managing partners and GCs are now looking for practical innovation that they can implement immediately

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Two Events – Two Views of Innovation

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about innovation – I suspect most readers of this blog have too. But what is “innovation” in the legal industry?...Maybe there is more than one definition of innovation

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Innovation in the Time of the Corona

We have an amazing opportunity right now during the COVID-19 outbreak to make great strides in the development of innovation and the use of technology

Uncovering the Organizational Structure and Roles of a KM/Innovation Team

please make sure to join us in this 30 minute roundtable discussion, where panelist(s) will discuss their firm's organizational structure and roles underneath the Innovation and KM umbrella. Moderator Rachel Shields Williams , Director, Knowledge Management Technology, Sidley Austin LLP Panelists Amy Monaghan , Senior Practice Innovations Manager, Perkins Coie Katherine Lowry , Director of Practice Services, Baker & Hostetler LLP #Virtual #KnowledgeManagementandSearch #Innovation

 06-08-2021 | 11:30 - 12:00 ET

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The Geography of Legal Innovation – Firms, People, Tech

I was recently talking with Professor Dan Linna at Northwestern about his very provocative Legal Services Innovation Index...It consists of both a catalogue of innovative offerings and an “Index” of innovation...Is China a Legal Innovation Leader?

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Global Legal Innovators: Season 1!

These guests offer unique perspectives on what the state of legal innovation looks like in different countries, towns, and cities

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But Wait... There's More - Legal Innovation & Tech Fest, Part II

She mentioned this meeting of the minds, law firms and corporate legal counsel, will also occur at the CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium) institute two weeks prior to the Legal Innovation & Tech Fest

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