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IG Considerations for M365 and Teams: Chat Retention and Archiving

Good luck, Jim [7] [1] Overview of teams and channels - Office Support ( [2] Learn about retention for Teams - Microsoft 365 Compliance | Microsoft Docs [3] File storage in Teams - Office Support ( [4] Learn about retention for Teams - Microsoft 365 Compliance | Microsoft Docs [5] Create and configure retention policies to automatically retain or delete content - Microsoft 365 Compliance | Microsoft Docs [6] Learn about retention for Teams - Microsoft 365 Compliance | Microsoft Docs [7] For those that only, know about Mission Impossible from the Tom Cruise movies, check out Mission: Impossible (1966 TV series) - Wikipedia #SecurityProfessionals #Security #ServerOperationsandSecurity #InformationGovernanceorCompliance

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Pillars of a Solid Insider Threat Program

Be aware that there are a lot of resources to help you as you strive to defend your information, including information security frameworks such as ISO/IEC 27001 or NIST SP 800-53 , and other resources such as training and/or tools from entities such as Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute or the National Insider Threat Task Force to name just a couple

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Vendor Governance to Integrate Teams and Document Management Systems

Due to the collaborative and Software as a Service (SaaS) nature of M365 and Teams, some policies that seemingly would not be affected by Teams will need to be reviewed to make sure they are in line with your Teams and DMS implementation strategy, including policies addressing areas such as information security, data privacy, and acceptable use

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Who Moved the Folder? Transforming Shared Drive Clean Up

We had already established share drives with a client/matter folder structure and tighter security two years prior.

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Kick-Off Introduction to Security and Compliance's "Taming Unstructured Data" Series

#Very Large (over 500) #Large (251 - 500) #Medium (151 - 250) #Small (under 151) #Firm #Security Professionals #ServerOperationsandSecurity #InformationGovernanceorCompliance #InformationGovernance #Data Analytics #DataScience #Security

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A Deep Dive into Provisioning in Teams, With 3rd Parties, Powershells and When Should IG/Sec Be Involved

Given the access rights, security and overall information management consequences of implementing Teams in the law firm environment, thoughtful evaluation and planning by the Information Governance, compliance and IT Security groups in consultation with the legal practices should be done to ensure proper implementation and adoption

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Making Lemonade Out of Lemons – How to Leverage a Global Crisis to Evolve your IG Skillset

#Security #InformationGovernanceorCompliance #Very Large (over 500) #Large (251 - 500) #Medium (151 - 250) #Small (under 151) #Firm

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What is Teams and What Should Information Governance and Security Be Concerned With the Initial Setup

Between governance and security requirements, your policies should include, at minimum, your firm’s stance on data loss prevention, electronic data sharing, what constitutes a client record, management of ethical walls and any secured inclusionary walls, and clear retention schedules.

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Data Loss Prevention: Survey Results and Peer Discussion BRIEF SUMMARY

Speakers: @Marcos Marcal (Information Security & Risk Manager at Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP) & @Abraham Miller-Barbarow (Information Governance Risk Manager at Ropes & Gray LLP)

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