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Volunteer Opportunity
Litigation & Practice Support Content Coordinating Team (2022)

PURPOSE : Content Coordinating Teams fall under the direction of the Program Planning Council liaisons and Content Coordinating Teams’ Team Coordinator who provide direction to the teams in creating programming deliverables. ROLE : The Content Coordinating Team will review the specific areas...

 09-01-2021  |  Larger Project (anywhere from 40 - 100 hours total)

Blog Entry
Litigation Support - Tool Tips - Converting Date Field Format Using Excel

In litigation support, we often receive data in formats that may not work for our software platforms. A key example is the date field. Dates can be formatted in many different ways, but the software platform may only recognize one format for sorting purposes. Therefore, extracting the date...

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Here’s What Else You Can Do With Machine Learning

Please enjoy this blog post tip co-authored by Matt Maslow, Senior Manager, Deloitte Canada, and Peter Sanford, Director, ‎Deloitte Canada. Those of us of a certain age grew up expecting that by now we would have the Jetsons' robot maid, Rosie, simplifying our lives. Yet so far, all we...

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A Day in the Life of OneNote

Please enjoy this blog post authored by Carolyn Anger, Senior Director, Consilio. I am a note-taker. Always have been, always will be—to-do lists, checklists, weekly and monthly plans, meeting notes, and journal writing. I recorded information with my pen of choice for most of my school...

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Apps for Career Development

In a recent ILTA podcast featuring Josh Lazar, Chief Information Officer, 18th Judicial Circuit, Florida and Sean McGinty, Learning Product Engineer, Simplify Compliance, they touched upon several great resources to enhance your skills and how to go about taking that first step forward in...

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Excel as a Tool for Litigation Support

It’s hard to argue the beauty and power of Excel as a tool for Litigation Support. The vast number of functions available make it a fantastic starting point for any changes you have to make to data. Whether you’re editing a load file, creating an index, preparing a report, or making your...

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Analytics for Beginners

Please enjoy this blog post from Tanya Houseman , Senior Data Analytics & Reporting Specialist, Fenwick & West . Analytics is measuring what matters: Did we make our goals? How can we do better? Where do we need to pivot? It sounds so simple and yet some people treat analytics...

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Navigating the New Legaltech Landscape

Understanding what legaltech is out there and how it can help your practice. The velocity of innovation in the legal technology space is moving at a breakneck pace that is sometimes hard to keep up with. From AI-powered evidence retrieval to predictive outcome modeling and even smart billing,...

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Short Text Messaging - Know Before You Go: Part Two

Please enjoy this short blog story from Mark Anderson, Director of UK Operations, CDS. Collaboration platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams grew exponentially as businesses sought to support their newly remote workforces during the global pandemic. The resulting proliferation of short...

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Litigation Support - Tool Tips - Calculate Time Zone Offset Using Excel

There may be times when you need to adjust the time zone for a data set. For example, where you process the data in Coordinated Universal Time UTC (aka Greenwich Mean Time or GMT), but the action itself is in Pacific Standard Time (PST). To do this, you can create a Time Zone Offset field (or...