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Open Source Cyber Tools for When You Are On a Tight Budget

Please enjoy this blog post authored by Dr. Georg Thomas, CCISO, CDPSE, CISM, CISSP, GRCP Cyber-attacks are on the rise across the globe with 2021 identified as the highest average cost of data breaches over the past 17 years (IBM, 2021). Law firms are under increased pressure from...

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IG Considerations for M365 and Teams: Chat Retention and Archiving: Part 4

In our 2021 Information Governance blog series regarding Microsoft Teams, we will take a look at the chat features and considerations around the retention and disposition of these messages. The information presented here is not intended to be considered legal advice nor instruction. The blog...

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Maintaining a Vulnerability Scan Remediation Report

Please enjoy this blog post that was co-authored and posted on behalf of Marc Ohmann - President, CEO - Digital Solutions, Inc and Jamison Masters, Co-Founder, Verus Corporation . A vulnerability is a weakness in a covered device that can be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorized...

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Building an IG Committee from the Ground Up

Please enjoy this blog post authored by Megan Larkins, Information Security Consultant Manager, FRSecure . Description: Managing an Information Governance (IG) committee can be difficult enough, but the process is elevated to another level if you’re tasked with assembling one from the...

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IG Considerations for M365 and Teams: Chat Retention and Archiving

As many organizations move to MS Teams in a constantly evolving M365 ecosystem, there are many IG concerns that need to be considered. You need to make sure the guardrails are in place before, and after, opening the doors. This entry in our blog series, specifically explores MS Teams chat...

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Pillars of a Solid Insider Threat Program

According to a report released in 2020 by the Poneman Institute, “the number of insider-caused cybersecurity incidents increased by a whopping 47% since 2018” . Insiders are trusted individuals that work for an entity and as a result are privy to systems and information that is not available to...

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Vendor Governance to Integrate Teams and Document Management Systems

Please enjoy this blog post authored by Reggie Pool, Senior Director, HBR Consulting LLC. This is the third article in the series on Teams governance, addressing the challenges and benefits of Teams and Document Management Systems (DMS), including managing safeguards, classification,...

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Who Moved the Folder? Transforming Shared Drive Clean Up

Please enjoy this blog post authored by Kathleen Jimenez, Information Governance Manager, White & Case LLP. Please Note: This blog is part of the Taming Unstructured Data series which includes the introduction and additional blog which you will find below in the related content. ...

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Taming Unstructured Data - Vortex of Chaos Project

Like many law firms, we had various network shares where users could place data. They had been around for a very long time, with no real oversight. Problems began cropping up with available space and many of these locations were not expandable. As these locations filled, IT started asking who...

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A Deep Dive into Provisioning in Teams, With 3rd Parties, Powershells and When Should IG/Sec Be Involved

Please enjoy this blog post authored by Bryn Bowen, Principal, Greenheart Consulting Partners. Of all of the collaboration tools being used in the law firm world, Microsoft Teams is the most popular because it’s already available to end users as part of many firms’ Office 365 suite, and...