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Excel as a Tool for Litigation Support

It’s hard to argue the beauty and power of Excel as a tool for Litigation Support. The vast number of functions available make it a fantastic starting point for any changes you have to make to data. Whether you’re editing a load file, creating an index, preparing a report, or making your...

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Vendor Governance to Integrate Teams and Document Management Systems

Please enjoy this blog post authored by Reggie Pool, Senior Director, HBR Consulting LLC. This is the third article in the series on Teams governance, addressing the challenges and benefits of Teams and Document Management Systems (DMS), including managing safeguards, classification,...

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First Impressions of Microsoft Intune Endpoint Manager for MDM to an Intune Endpoint Manager Noob

Please enjoy this blog post authored by Mark Manoukian, IT Director, Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter. In 2011, Microsoft introduced an MDM solution known as Intune. Without knowing anything specific about it, at all, Intune was and is immediately attractive to some of us for the reason...

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What is Teams and What Should Information Governance and Security Be Concerned With the Initial Setup

It’s collaboration time! There’s a lot of buzz in legal tech about Microsoft Teams and its collaboration features. In recent years attorneys have been asking for more tools to enable collaboration, and the “new normal” remote workplace has reinforced the need for new, innovative tools for our...

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Timing is everything. Bill Gross, the Pasadena, California based serial entrepreneur who has invested in dozens of start-ups, including X1 Discovery, the popular enterprise search software, says that the number one predictor of a technology company's success is neither financial capital, the...

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Windows 10 - Imaging and Patching

Good Morning Everyone! On May 31st, Beau and I hosted a virtual roundtable on Windows 10 - Imaging and Patching. There was great attendance and a lot of wonderful questions asked. After the event ended we sent around the short slide deck used along with some answers to the questions posed in...

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Microsoft Office: Teams

What are Teams? Microsoft recently released a new chat-based tool that is similar in concept to Slack or Hipchat. Chat-based tools are useful for teams on the go who need a central repository for all conversations. Historically in law firms, this repository has been e-mail. E-mail used to...

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Microsoft Policy for Windows 7 & 8 Support on new Hardware

If you are looking at a hardware refresh in the near future, now may be time to also look at upgrading to Windows 10. With the introduction of the Skylake processor by Intel, they designed it with Windows 10 in mind. In keeping with this integration between Skylake and Windows 10,...

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ILTA Tip of the Week - Customize Comment font size, etc.

Customizing the comment balloon text – Word 2010 There are two ways to reach the menu you need: Press Control + Alt + Shift + s all at the same time OR, Make sure you’re in the Home tab and click on the little tiny arrow at the bottom right of the Styles menu ...

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ILTA Tip of the Week - Print Comments on a PowerPoint

Step 1 - Launch PowerPoint and open a presentation that has comments you'd like to print. Step 2 - Click "File" and then click "Print" to view the Print panel. Step 3 - Click "Full Page Slides" to view a pop-up menu. Step 4 - Add a check mark next to the menu's "Print Comments and...

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