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Product Review: Brydge Keyboard for Microsoft Surface 3 & 4

​Hello ILTA friends, I was leading an ILTA Emerging Tech roundtable call recently and Surface peripherals came up. One thing we discussed was the Brydge keyboard for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 & 4. I got one and share with you my experience with it. The keyboard has a few models ...

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Virtual Meetings: The New Norm

Today’s work environment is rapidly changing, and technology is allowing users to work anywhere and at any time. With project and case teams spread among offices, a new method of communication and collaboration is required to work effectively and efficiently in groups. If the new approach is ...

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But Wait... There's More

This past week members discussed mobile time entry, reviews of wireless carriers, going paperless, the LastPass Hack and more. It’s not surprising that many of the best resources sit within ILTA’s treasure chest. MOBILE TIME ENTRY With the age of the global 24/7 attorney, have you...

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Getting Your Mobility Up to Speed

Mobility is nothing new to the practice of law. Attorneys have travelled to courts, client meetings, depositions, and countless other places since long before the digital age. As workflows became more electronic, lawyers adapted by doing things like checking emails on a phone and editing...

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Reap From Your Depositions What You Put Into Taking Them with DepositionPro

There’s no better way to impeach a witness than to show a clip from a video deposition of the witness saying something completely at odds with their testimony at trial. For this reason, video depositions have grown in popularity. Showing a transcript lacks the dramatic impact of video. However,...

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Serve & Secure: Anatomy of a VOIP System Selection - Part 2

Welcome back. This is the long anticipated sequel to the blog " Serve & Secure: Anatomy of a VOIP System Selection - Part 1 " and not the lame "prequel" that is often the case with today's stories. When we left part one of this blog, I had explained why two of the top four VOIP...

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Serve & Secure: Anatomy of a VOIP System Selection - Part 1

Background I got the idea for this blog after a series of posts on ILTA Connected Communities about VOIP product comparisons commenced while I was undergoing the investigations and evaluation of a new VOIP phone system myself for Rogers Townsend & Thomas. Here we go. RTT has five...