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Enterprise Data Warehouses - 101

The concept of an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) has been around for decades. However, building an enterprise data warehouse is extremely challenging. Despite this difficulty, the benefits far outweigh the challenges. Having a centralized repository of information from an organization’s...

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An interview with Alvin Tedjamulia, CTO of NetDocuments

Alvin Tedjamulia sleeps only about 4 hours per night. "My mind is always thinking how can we solve this, how do we improve security, how do we improve reliability..." As CTO and co-founder of NetDocuments, Tedjamulia spends the other 20 hours of the day working on perfecting the cloud-based...

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Stop Limiting Your Ferrari to Grocery Trips: Using Enterprise Search for Deeper Integration

The traditional view defines enterprise as a tool that allows attorneys to research and leverage work product in ways that generally are not possible with standard document management system (DMS) search. Documents are returned with contextual information, including matter and people-specific...

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But Wait... There's More

Members recently discussed the popular topic of attorney intake procedures, the upcoming end of Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9 and 10 support from Microsoft and more. Explore curated sources on these topics including some from ILTA’s treasure chest. ATTORNEY INTAKE PROCEDURES Questions...

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Phoenix Monitor Vendor Product Briefing Recap

Summary provided by Graham Haldane, Phoenix Business Solutions, LTD. The slides from the presentation can be viewed HERE . Phoenix Monitor is the industry leader for monitoring the HP WorkSite suite of applications. It provides 360 degree coverage for all facets of the WorkSite...

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Citrix ShareFile Product Briefing

The Emerging Technologies Peer Group presented the first in a series of product briefings on Large File Transfer and collaboration solutions on January 22, 2014. Citrix ShareFile is an enterprise follow-me data solution that enables IT to deliver a robust data sharing and sync service that...

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Open Text Upcoming Events in your area

Open Text Legal Forum The Emerging Technologies , Enterprise Content Management and Risk & Records Management Peer Groups of ILTA, along with OpenText , invite you to join in an educational session being offered in the following locations: San Francisco - May 29th New...

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Enterprise Search Implementation, Step 5: Pilot Testing

This is the fifth in a series of posts about the process of choosing and implementing an enterprise search engine in a law firm. The others have addressed, in order: Establishing the Business Requirements Picking the Right Search Engine Proof of Concept ...