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Bridging the Divide: What to Do When Joining a Legal Department as a Young Professional

Please enjoy this thoughtful conversation revolving around the topic "Bridging the Divide: What Do When Joining a Legal Department as a Young Professional" between Will Pett, Business Analyst, Fidelity Investments, Kevin Mucyo, Asst Analyst I, Bayer U.S. LLC, and Ryan Gerlach, eDiscovery...

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Augmenting Your Forensics Toolbox – Axiom Adds Functionality and Flexibility

Please enjoy this blog post from James (Jay) Brown, Senior Manager, Data Forensics, Digital Mountain, Inc. Are you looking for alternative digital forensic tools for your forensic toolbox? Over the last decade many types of forensic software have surfaced to either augment or replace...

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Knowledge Management Round-Up for 2020: A Bright Spot in a Cruddy Year

2020 was rough, and we’re moving on. But on the bright side, ILTA members created another treasure trove of useful content on knowledge management (KM) topics, the quality of which was particularly good this year. In case you were distracted at some point in 2020 (and who wasn’t?) and missed...

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Why Bring eDiscovery In-House?

Please enjoy this blog post which is posted on behalf of an anonymous ILTA member. The trend is on the rise to bring eDiscovery inside of Corporations. The primary reason affecting this movement is centered around the fact that ‘legal teams want things done cheaper and faster’. ...

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What You Wish You Knew Before Starting Your Job in Legal

Liz started her career in private practice with a focus on patent law. She moved into corporate law with Honda Patents & Technologies North America, LLC. Liz found her next move as general counsel and privacy officer with a start up company. Currently, Liz is with the Ohio Attorney General...

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