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Litigation Support Tool Tip – Create Folders from a List in Excel

Please enjoy this blog post tip from Amy Bowser-Rollins, Instructor, Litigation Support Guru. In litigation support, we try to leverage Excel’s functionality for numerous tasks. In eDiscovery matters, we collect electronic data from multiple custodians. We usually create a folder for each...

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Managing Remote Technical Teams

Covid restrictions have forced many firms to pivot from in person to remote work. In the first phase, many firms were focused on the technical tools of making the remote work transition a reality. But now, as most of the critical needs and IT infrastructure is in place, the next question is:...

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Tip of the Week Author

PURPOSE : Provide ILTA’s membership with useful weekly technical training tips for a variety of software or hardware used in the legal industry, which can be repurposed within the ILTA member’s organization. ROLE : Solicit, compile, draft and publish weekly tips from ILTA’s training...

 07-15-2020  |  Larger Project (anywhere from 40 - 100 hours total)

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Trainers Talk from the Trenches: Transferring to Remote Work Takeaway

Trainers Talk from the Trenches: Transferring to Remote Work Panelist: Heather Morrow, Asima Macci & Greg Tomlinson How are both users and trainers handling the change to working remote: Challenges – getting everyone trained in Zoom connection issues getting them...

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Trainers Talk - January 28th 2020 - New Year, New Topics

Trainers Talk: January 28, 2020 New Year, New Topics Moderators: Asima Macci Missy McDonough Greg Tomlinson Topics of Discussion: How to put some fun into a technology upgrade that will help entice users learn the new features? Breakfast with Asima Like Asima,...

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Trainers Talk "Halloween Edition" Roundtable Notes - 10/31/2019

Moderators: Asima Macci - Manager, Training and Quality, Bennett Jones LLP Greg Tomlinson - Training & Development Coordinator, Robinson Bradshaw Core Competencies Tips and tricks, how are you keeping things fresh, and demand on you attending training? Had a...

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Trainers Talk - January 2019 Notes

During ILTACON 2018, a group of trainers were talking about how much we enjoyed the conversation with each other during the conference environment and that we would love to have a venue in which to do that more frequently than once a year. From that, an idea was born--a quarterly (for now)...

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