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Virtual Hearings - Benefits and Concerns

Please enjoy this blog post authored by Rose Singh, eDiscovery Project Manager, McCarthy Tetrault LLP. Virtual hearings are happening in courtrooms across the world as a result of the pandemic. Virtual hearings have offered a number of benefits; however, some concerns still remain. ...

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Serve & Secure - ILTA Conference 2013 - SOS Peer Group Sessions

Greetings and salutations from the Server Operations & Security Peer Group! When we’re not working with Special Agent Nick Fury and protecting the earth from alien invaders, the SOPSPG is putting together superb educational sessions for this year’s conference in Las Vegas. Lo and behold this...

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Security in a Virtualized or Cloud Infrastructure

We have all heard the terms Virtualization and Cloud. Yet we don't necessarily equate either of those two words with a very important term, Security. In some respects the phrase “Cloud Security” or “Virtualization Security” generates an oxymoron, i.e., an incongruity. Each one of us...

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Server Ops and Security PG and Tech Ops Conference Team will rock ILTA 2011 Conferece!

2011 rev-elation Conference is approaching and our Server Ops and Security PG is bringing great educational content to it. Our fabulous Steering Committee team, led by Bob DuBois, and completed by myself, Tom Crowe, Mark Brophy, Nate Smith, Dave Nevala, and Toni Brester has done a great job...