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Achieving Greasy, Fast Demon Speed in Exhibit Workflow at Trial

Please enjoy this blog post tip from Shannon Bales, Litigation Support Team Lead, Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP. Rocky Balboa: I can’t learn how to fight right-handed no more. Mickey: What’s ‘can’t?’ There ain’t no ‘can’ts’! …he will beat you uglier than you are now. …you start...

Remote Work Not a "Phase" in Legal & Demo of the LINK App

Description Did you know that 85% of attorneys now want to work from home at least one day per week? Or that 62% of lawyers say that they hope for a hybrid working model, when safe to do so? We start with a look at recent data which suggest that remote work will not be a phase in legal....

 02-22-2021 | 12:00 - 13:00 ET

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3 Lighting Tips

Poor lighting is frequently cited as a common interior design mistake. It’s annoying in any room you’re in, but it can become especially problematic in an office setting, where you’re trying to focus and be productive. It’s no surprise that poor lighting is among the top complaints among office...

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Collaboration Challenges in the Pandemic: Tips for Effectively and Efficiently Collecting ESI from S

Description In this session, the panelists will help address data management challenges surrounding features, functionality and retention policies associated with the preservation, collection and storage of ESI acquired from collaboration tools in the midst of a pandemic. Moderator: ...

 03-04-2021 | 14:00 - 14:30 ET

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How Legal chatbots assist legal professionals in their daily firm chores, activities, and support queries while working remotely

Law Firm’s increasing adoption and reliance on technology The COVID-19 crisis has a profound impact across the legal sector, especially on the traditional law firms, mostly relying on the office model. The current pandemic situation has shown the importance of legal technology to the...

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Law Librarians: Forerunners of Technology, Innovation and Data

Description In this 30-minute webinar session, we will explore the skills and knowledge that law librarians can bring to technology/innovation processes and projects, such as content understanding, classification, taxonomies, organization of data etc. #Virtual

 03-02-2021 | 11:00 - 11:30 ET

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3 Things to Remember When Writing a Guest Post for a Tech Blog

You all understand the benefits of writing and getting your tech blog post published on a high-quality site with the right SEO metrics and traffic. However, only a few writers actually get their posts published on leading technology blogs. If you’re just starting out, prepare to face an...

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WWL Virtual Roadshow 2021: Strong Women Leaders Success Strategies

2020 was a tough year. A year where many of us saw our plans crushed by a series of events, most notably COVID-19. During ILTA’s Ascend 2020 planning meetings held in January, the Women Who Lead Advisory Group began planning programming for the “deep south.” There was interest in...

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Server side O365 Metadata Processing?

Quick question for you all, What if any, server-side processing do you do to clean your Metadata? We use Litera MetadactE, which works well, but we are moving to a cloud-hosted OWA. Thus, we would like to also host Metadact in the cloud as well. Has anyone hosted and or done that before in an...

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Volunteer Opportunity
Women Who Lead Advisory Committee

PURPOSE : The Women Who Lead mission is to empower women to advance and succeed in technology leadership positions within the legal industry. The Community is open to women and men who foster female leadership. Women Who Lead works to promote educational, networking, and mentoring...

 02-01-2021  |  Larger Project (anywhere from 40 - 100 hours total)