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Introducing Serve and Secure, ILTA's Servers Operations & Security PG Blog

By Carlos Rodriguez posted 11-09-2011 11:34


November is the Servers Operations & Security Peer Group Spotlight Month at ILTA and today we introduce our peer group blog named “Serve and Secure.” We will use this platform to keep you informed on what we’re doing to serve our membership, latest technology developments around our areas of focus and discus trends and hot topics in our industry.

I want to take this opportunity to introduce the members of our Steering Committee (SC) and tell you a bit of their roles and how they can assist you. But first, I want to thank Bob DuBois, our former Peer Group Vice President and new member of ILTA’s Board of Directors, for his work in building a strong steering committee and leading it through many changes over the last several years.

After a tough selection from an impressive group of candidates, ILTA honored me with the challenge of leading the SOSPG. I spent the first two months of my tenure developing the business plan that will shape our educational efforts in 2012 along with recruiting new volunteers. My main role going forward will be to make sure that we accomplish the goals stated in the plan and that we meet membership expectations from our Peer Group.

I see our Peer Group as ILTA’s “Geek PG”, after all, we deal with pure technology and our focus is well beyond legal. We speak a language that is often not understood by members of other PGs, let alone attorneys. At our firms, we deal with the bits and bytes of technology, we make sure that attorneys email keeps flowing, that their data is secure and available when they need it, and that the lights stay on 24x7x365. We hope that we can translate our knowledge into efforts to deliver good educational content to our audience. I am honored to introduce to you ILTA’s SOSPG Steering Committee Members

The Freshmen

Jim McCue, Local Programing Liaison – Servers Operations and Data Center. I know what you are thinking…Jim? Freshman? Yeah right!!! And I totally agree, but we just can’t get rid of the guy. After wearing many different hats at ILTA, Jim joins our SC to work with our Regional Teams and help them drive programing around Servers Ops and DCs. He also brings to the group many years of experience within the legal industry and the organization. I am not calling you old Jim, just experienced and a great resource to ILTA. Everyone knows where to find him and what he does at his firm.

Jeffrey Kunz, Local Programing Liaison – Security and DRBC. Jeff is a true freshman to ILTA volunteering ranks and he will work with Jim as an LPL but his focus will be more on the Security and DRBC areas. Together both Jeff and Jim are great resources to our City Reps. Please reach out to them if you need help delivering programing to your city. Jeff is a Security Engineer at Foley & Lardner in Milwaukee, WI. He can be reached at

Steven Shock, Webinar Coordinator. Another true freshman, Steven will focus his efforts on identifying current hot topics and technologies so that we can deliver webinars to our members. He will work along with Toni Brester in coordinating speaker selection, vetting presentations and acting as Webinar moderator. Steven is the CTO at Irell & Manella out of Los Angeles, CA. You can reach him at

Kevin Moore, Blog Master. Kevin, the latest addition to the team, is a former City Rep for Silicon Valley. He will be leading our blog and will identify both topics and writers for the blog as well as posting like the rest of us, and hopefully many of you. If you are interested in sharing your experience with a particular technology or hot topic then please reach out to Kevin and he will coordinate the effort. Kevin is the Director of Information Technology at Fenwick & West out of Mountain View, CA and can be reached at

The Sophemore

Toni Brester, Webinar Coordinator. Toni is on her second year on the SC and will work with Steven on delivering Webinars and identifying products worthy of a Product Briefing. Toni is a Technical Support Specialist at Stoel Rives out of Portland, OR. She can be reached at

Mark Brophy, Conference Committee Liaison. Also a returning member of the SC, Mark is a member of the 2012 Conference Committee. He will lead the identification and development of topics that our PG will deliver at conference. If you’d like to pitch any ideas or topics that you’d like to see at conference, then Mark is your man. Mark is the IT Director at Rogers Townsend & Thomas in Columbia, SC and you can reach him at

The One That Has Seen it All

Tom Crowe, Chief Geek Officer. I don’t mean to call him old either, but Tom has been a member of the SC in its different phases and names for many years and has been in legal for over ten years. He was a one-man-shop for the most part of his career which has made him an extraordinaire technical resource to many of us. In addition, I gave him this title for having to put up with Bob for the longest time and then with me on top of that…Impressive! Tom will be working on special projects and publications such as white papers. You can reach him at He is the IT Director at Turner Padget Graham & Laney, also in Columbia, SC which stands for South Carolina, or is it Steering Committee. Ok, I don’t think I know anymore.

Our first series of blog entries will be around ILTA’s Technology Survey. In the upcoming weeks, we will try to break down the results around our areas of focus in order to further analyze the data and what it means to our industry.

We hope you enjoy this series and encourage you to be part of the discussion going forward. Feel free to suggest topics and participate by being a guest blogger.

Best regards,

Carlos Rodriguez, Servers Ops & Security PGVP.


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