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Phoenix Monitor Vendor Product Briefing Recap

By Dale Qualls posted 05-16-2014 11:41

Summary provided by Graham Haldane, Phoenix Business Solutions, LTD.

The slides from the presentation can be viewed HERE.

Phoenix Monitor is the industry leader for monitoring the HP WorkSite suite of applications.  It provides 360 degree coverage for all facets of the WorkSite solution enabling complete governance of the document management system.  It is built on SolarWinds, the industry leading systems monitoring platform, which has enabled Phoenix to extend it beyond WorkSite to also monitor Microsoft Exchange, Citrix, and numerous other enterprise applications.


Phoenix Monitor changes the way firms manage their WorkSite systems by enabling IT teams to identify, understand, and rectify issues before their end-users ever experience problems; it empowers them to proactively ensure maximum system availability rather than working as a reactive break/fix operation.  Phoenix Monitor has facilitated a shift in the delegation of operational support tasks to service desk personal, enabling specialist DMS staff to concentrate on providing additional value to their business.  Phoenix Monitor can also be delivered as a managed service for WorkSite so that issues and alerts can be  automatically routed to the Phoenix global support team which provided clients with 24/7 expert coverage of their internal DMS.

Features of this latest version update include detailed management of the EFS (email filing service) environment which provides the ability to identify and correct failures within the system.  Further, End User Experience Monitoring ensures that, though servers may be “up,” end-users can actually complete their regular tasks when managing documents and email – and do so with appropriate performance.  More so, the system includes full IDOL indexing coverage to monitor that documents are being ingested from WorkSite and then indexed and available for users to search on.

Implementation of Phoenix Monitor is an extremely swift process; the unique, agentless design means that the system can be up and running in a matter of days.  Infrastructure requirements are also minimal and the solution is fully certified for use in virtual environments.  In addition to this, the implementation framework has been tried and tested to ensure that (unlike other monitoring solutions) all components are tuned and configured to each client’s specific environment and requirements to ensure that alerts and notifications provide genuine value.

Because it was developed in conjunction with SolarWinds, Phoenix Monitor can be scaled to perform in all different types of environments; current clients range in size from as few as 50 to as many as 3500 end-users.  In addition to WorkSite, Phoenix Monitor is able to monitor any Windows or Linux-based application.  As part of the “on boarding” process, all clients are offered training to become self-sufficient to enable them to expand and extend monitoring into different areas of their business.

Phoenix Monitor has a committed roadmap that includes enhancements that have been requested by the expanding client base; references can be provided from all regions of the globe.  Further new and exciting features already are planned for the remainder of 2014.  If you would like to know more, please contact graham.haldabe@phoenixbs.com

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