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Linksite for Worksite Vendor Product Brifing - 3-24-15

By Dale Qualls posted 03-30-2015 10:18


LinkSite: Seamless Client Collaboration and File Sharing directly from WorkSite - Webinar

This webinar was delivered by Graham Haldane, Global Head of Presales for Phoenix Business Solutions, and Dan Carmel, Head of ECM Strategy and Solutions for HP, and moderated by Ben Weinberger, Chief Strategy Officer for Phoenix.

Attorneys want a simple solution for sharing documents with their clients and other external parties. Without an appropriate, enterprise-grade solution available to them, many would resort to sharing via email or a consumer-grade tool such as DropBox, despite the numerous management challenges or security risks inherent in such solutions. HP has developed LinkSite as a tightly-integrated and complementary solution for HP WorkSite. It provides intuitive functionality directly from within DeskSite and FileSite.

From HP, “HP LinkSite for WorkSite enables organizations to share and collaborate on files with colleagues, customers, and business partners. With LinkSite, users can share documents or folders directly from WorkSite with anyone outside the enterprise via HP’s intuitive, cloud-based file sharing and synchronization service. LinkSite provides a single interface to share, view, edit, and search content, delivering a powerful, integrated user experience that can increase productivity and improve customer service. LinkSite combines the simplicity of consumer-grade services with enterprise-grade security, along with a comprehensive audit trail, to deliver consistent governance over all your business content.”

Dan Carmel briefly discusses the key drivers behind LinkSite and the value it provides to firms. Graham Haldane then delves into a real-time demonstration of the simple yet powerful capabilities of the solution. The audience asked many relevant questions, most of which were then answered or addressed during the course of the webinar.

You may view the webinar HERE.  The Q&A from the webinar is listed below

By Ben Weinberger




Can you manage the workspaces with groups instead of users?

LinkSite access is controlled via user accounts, not groups.  However Phoenix has requested an enhancement from HP to support a “distribution” list feature.

Would 3rd party Metadata removal tools function with the email upload process?

Currently, we understand that Workshare and Litera have LinkSite-compatible metadata removal tools.  DocsCorp are working on the issue and hope to release a compatible version of CleanDocs shortly.

Can you upload docs from a file share, not just from WorkSite?

Yes, documents can be added to the HPFlow site from any source.

What version of WorkSite client do you need as a minimum for LinkSite?

WorkSite 8.5 & 9 clients will be compatible with LinkSite (8.5 SP2 U6, 9.0 U3  or later and 8.5 SP3 U5 are recommended)

Are internal users advised when an external party updates a document?

Internal users can subscribe to be notified when any action is carried out on a published folder.

What if the original DMS document has been updated in the meantime?

By design, there is no concept of automatic publishing within LinkSite to ensure the client has a full understanding of the content that has been uploaded to the cloud.  If a document that has been uploaded is changed within the client’s WorkSite environment, the end user will need to publish the amended version to LinkSite again.

Is there a regional data centre for Canadian clients?

Not yet – current datacenter locations are in the US & UK. Dan Carmel of HP advised that a Canadian datacenter might be available by the end of 2015, though this is not yet certain at present and will need to be confirmed later.

Does LinkSite have FIPS-compliant encryption?

All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Security in transit uses SSL RAS 2048-bit encryption over a ReSTAPI web services application. Security at rest uses a 256-bit AES encryption in a multi-tier encryption key model. Data centers housing HP Flow CM are audited annually and have achieved certification for SSAE 16 SOC2. This is a newer and higher level of certification which includes all of the elements of SAS 70 type 2.

Can FileSite/DeskSite visually display which items are in LinkSite but have not been uploaded to WorkSite?

Not at the moment. Phoenix has submitted an enhancement request with HP.  At the moment, we’d recommend that clients use the alerting feed feature to be notified when data is added to the published folder.

Can you also drag and drop documents from the LinkSite collaboration blue folder into the internal yellow folders?

Yes, documents can be brought back to a client’s WorkSite system via either drag and drop, or by right clicking on them and selecting “Save LinkSite document to WorkSite.”

Can you prevent external users from importing documents into the cloud collaboration folder?

Yes, this is possible by setting the external user account to have “guest” permissions.

Can notification email automatically trigger when a client imports documents into the LinkSite cloud?

LinkSite can send notifications via email of all activity within either a single folder or all folders that an internal user has access to.

Can you default the dialog box so that it automatically expires messages so that a user would have to manually change the option to make a message not expire?

Both the password complexity, link expiry, and number of times a document can be downloaded can all be set to minimum values by the firm to create a standard security policy.

Can you set specific requirements on external users such as complex passwords/password expiry?

All external users must set a 12 digit alpha-numeric password, at a minimum.

How does the internal client authenticate?  Is it Active Directory federated services?  If your password policy is less than 12 characters, how does that function?

Internal clients can either be setup explicitly in HP Flow, or DSSYNC can be used to maintain internal user accounts.  We have asked for clarification from HP regarding minimum password length for internal AD accounts.

In the WorkSite History tab, will it just say "Web Client" or can it show users by name or email address?

The cloud-based document history will show the HP Flow username (for example john.smith@test.com) for all actions taken on a document.

Can we host this ourselves?

No, HP Flow is a dynamic platform which is delivered as a SAAS solution.  HP will continue to release updates and features at a dynamic rate.

I assume you can have your data restricted from being placed outside of your local country for regulatory reasons?

Yes, a customer’s account is created within a regional data center of their choosing – no data leaves that specified region.

File size limits?

The only limit within HP Flow is that an individual file can be no larger than 2GB.

Is there provision for LinkSite clients to perform third-party privacy and security audits of HP LinkSite's technical and administrative policies?

Dan Carmel of HP confirmed that they can work with individual firms’ clients as requested, though there currently does not exist a standard mechanism.

Can you select multiple documents at the same time?

Yes, using the CTRL key, multiple documents can be selected and then either sent as links or published to the collaboration folder.

Is LinkSite available in DeskSite?

Yes (versions 8.5 SP2 U6, 9.0 U3, or later, and 8.5 SP3 U5 are recommended).

Does this mean that in order to collaborate on a document, the document needs to be downloaded, thereby removing it from the secure environment?

Documents can be reviewed inside the web interface without the need to download them. However, if an external user wishes to edit a document, it must be downloaded and subsequently uploaded back to LinkSite.  All actions are audited for each document.

Is this reporting dashboard available to each user (for the content they have access to) or only system admins?

The management dashboard is only available to the solution administrator.

Can external users see the folders that you have created under the external LinkSite workspace?

Yes. Sub-folders are fully supported within LinkSite.

What do external users see when they "connect" to a LinkSite workspace?

As per our demonstration they see the list of documents published via the LinkSite.  Please see our YouTube video here for further detail.

How is the product licensed? Do you need licenses for external users?

The product is licensed on data volume. Individual user licenses are not needed.

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