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Social Media Best Practices: Twitter Do's and Don'ts

By Deborah Dobson posted 02-23-2015 13:36

I love twitter.  It truly is my favorite of the social platforms.  Through the years, I've developed many close friendships and been able to refer business to others, developing business opportunities also.  I've been able to meet twitter buddies as they have traveled to wherever I was currently living at the time, and have offers to travel all over the world.  Having said that, twitter can be a little overwhelming for those who are just starting out.  Here are some twitter best practices to help those who are new to twitter.

Twitter Do's

Keep tweets short: Allow people to re-tweet and add their own comments to your tweet.  100 characters is a good rule of thumb.
Put handles in tweet correctly:  Put someone's handle at the beginning of the post to tweet that person.  Use anywhere else to simply mention them.
Focus on your passion: Tweet about what you know and people over time will go to you as an influencer in that industry.
Use twitter lists: Lists are a great way to keep track of a collection of users in one place.  This helps to organize your stream so tweets don't get lost in all of the twitter noise.

Twitter Don'ts

Use trending hashtags: 
Don't use them if they have no relevance to you.
Overuse hashtags: Use no more than two hashtags in a tweet and use them sparingly.
Over-capitalize:  This will annoy people.  It is a good way to get unfollowed.
Take credit for someone else's tweet:  Best practice is to share a tweet while giving credit to whoever shared it before you.

What are some do's or don'ts that you would share regarding best practices on twitter?

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02-27-2015 16:05

Thank you Dana. And I completely agree with what you posted in this comment regarding thank you's.

02-27-2015 15:27

Nice list, I would suggest that you don't just retweet a basic thank you for following or commenting tweet or (follow me here) a retweet...of a retweet of your comment by someone else. No one wants to see that your tweets are a mountain of retweets of yourself.