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ILTACON 2017 Knowledge Management Community of Interest and Selected Educational Sessions

By Deborah Panella posted 08-11-2017 09:13

ILTACON is quickly approaching, and we hope you'll join us at the Knowledge Management Community of Interest (COI) to be held on Sunday from 4:30-6:00 pm in Breakers C .  

During the COI, you'll see flip charts asking these two questions: 

  • How will AI, machine learning, and data analytics impact knowledge management and research services, and how will you future-proof your team?  
  • What keeps KM, Library, and Research Services leaders up at night?  

ILTA's storyboarding artists will then use the notes from the flip charts to begin telling our story.  Educational sessions throughout the week will help them expand upon our thoughts. 

Speaking of sessions, we hope that you will attend as many of the KM-related programs as possible, including this small sampling: 

  • Artificial Intelligence in Law: Top Products in Action  
  • Artificial Intelligence in Law: From Theory to Practice  
  • The Myths, Realities and Future of Artificial Intelligence and Automation in the Law  
  • Thomson Reuters: Thought Leadership Series: AI/Cognitive Computing  
  • KM Tools Lawyers Love  
  • Responsible Innovation  
  • Small Projects with Big Impact  
  • Sustainable KM  
  • The Future of Search in Law Firms  
  • Being Data-Driven: Exploring the Evolution of Legal Technology Trends Using Advanced Analytics  
  • Data? Science. Now!  
  • Moneyball for Lawyers: How Legal Analytics is Transforming the Business and Practice of Law  
  • Stitching It All Together: Making Your Data Future-Proof  
  • The What, Why and How of Business Intelligence  
  • Don’t Short Circuit Document Assembly: *Five is Alive!  
  • Why Isn’t Document Assembly Transforming the Practice of Law?  

Not attending ILTA this year, or ready to submit ideas now?  Feel free to reply to this post, or contact us directly at and Thanks in advance, and safe travels!