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By Far My Most Used ILTA Resource

By Eric Weller posted 01-26-2021 16:26

Lean in for a Real-World Impact...
The ILTA online communities have had a real-world impact on Fennemore's operations over the years, with reports of service interruptions, risks, and issues affecting legal-specific solutions which we wouldn't have been alerted to through wider-targeted media we consume.  When we were looking for ways to improve providing and tracking services, especially for remote workers - we leaned into the online communities. (Check out this thread on Administrative Teams).

As a matter of course when I'm planning a new deployment or an upgrade, I check ILTA Communities for discussions about the product, and this has on numerous occasions informed important design and implementation choices in our environment.

Every technology professional I know consumes a LOT of media and I always encourage others in the legal technology space to lean heavily on ILTA Communities.  The number and variety of information sources available to us is simply overwhelming.  ILTA communities provides a broad filter on the larger world of technology media, focusing much of the content on systems we work with and challenges we face, and providing rapid and robust collaboration with others doing exactly what we're doing, at the same time.  For example, a thread recently came up in ILTA's Communication Technologies community about how to configure a webinar studio, literally almost at the same time as our marketing team was asking about how we could set one up.

While I have, of course, found useful content or solutions in discussion threads where the participants were supporting a government or education environment, it's much more common for me to find relevant content in ILTA Communities.
By far the resource that ILTA provides which I use the most are the ILTA Online Communities. 
I participate in over 70 ILTA Communities, and my most common method is to have a Community send a daily digest to my e-mail inbox.  The digest format used by the ILTA Communities system is particularly useful to me because it lists all of the conversation contributions in an outline at the top.  If you're like me you probably have a "first-thing in the morning" routine and mine includes running through the outlines on each Communities digest I subscribe to.  In so doing, I can quickly see if there's anything that I want to review immediately instead of waiting for a more leisurely perusal later.
Simply put - ILTA Communities are a core resource that help me provide a higher quality of service to Fennemore's attorneys and other professionals, and ultimately to our clients.

You may ask, where does one even begin?
Simply browse the listings and join those you feel may be relevant to you!

...I would offer to take you on a tour, but there are more useful threads about important topics such as Work from Home and COVID-19 than I can count...

What I can say though is that you may quickly find ILTA members are some of the first to share interesting legaltech news with one another in this space (check out ILTAn's discussions around FireEye's post-incident public response in the CyberSecurity Community). You can also count on the ILTA community to share when they are facing issues with products. In two separate threads, I was immediately notified that issues we were facing with Mimecast were not isolated to us. Various threads about iManage Work 10 challenges have also come in handy recently, as we were rolling out our own Work 10 upgrade in late summer. 

….and honestly there are about a dozen more threads I could share, but those are some of the big ones that immediately come to mind from the last 12 months.

What I Subscribe To.
I subscribe to any ILTA community that is dedicated to a product or vendor we work with in our environment, so quite a few of the ones on my list are there solely for that purpose, even if they don't generate a lot of content or draw my participation (say, because we have that product in our environment, but I'm not the person primarily responsible for it). Discounting those, here are the groups I subscribe to:

#CreatingTheFutureTogether  ♦  Artificial/Augmented Intelligence  ♦  Communication Technologies  ♦  Desktop & Application Services  ♦  Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity  ♦  Document Automation  ♦  Emerging Technologies - has Vendor Participation  ♦  General Membership  ♦  iManage - has Vendor Participation  ♦  Large Firms  ♦  Law2020  ♦  LegalSEC® - Cybersecurity  ♦  Microsoft - Desktop Applications  ♦  Microsoft - Server Applications  ♦  Microsoft - Windows Deployment and Maintenance  ♦  Mimecast  ♦  Office 365 - Microsoft Cloud  ♦  Open Forum  ♦  Professional Services  ♦  Project Management  ♦  Risk Management  ♦  Server Operations & Security  ♦  User Support Services  

While these may or may not all be relevant to you or your needs, you may be surprised to find yourself quickly leaning in to at least one of these groups. Regardless, I am looking forward to seeing you there...

#WeAreILTA #ILTAUnlocked