ILTA Unlocked: Leadership Q&A with Tony Capecci

By ILTA Membership posted 04-28-2021 14:21


We are unlocking the ways you can continue to develop your leadership skills through ILTA benefits, resources, and offerings. Below is a short Q&A with @Tony CapecciAssociate Director of Business & Core Applications at Kirkland & Ellis. Learn more about ILTA Benefits on our Unlocked webpage

Where do you see ILTA providing Leadership in the Legal Tech Industry?

ILTA has always been a great resource for staying abreast of trends in legal software solutions, business processes, and industry changes. As an organization, it is eager to stay on the cutting edge, to share and spread knowledge, and to encourage discussion among legal technologists. As individual leaders, it would benefit us to adopt a similar mindset – be proactive, be hungry, be open-minded, and encourage discussion and growth among our own peers and staff.

What opportunities does ILTA provide for legal technologists to further develop their leadership capacities? 

As the legal industry continues to see more rapid changes in technology, it’s important to keep an eye out for the bigger picture and ensure you’re not operating with blinders on. As new generations of leaders emerge, it’s important to show them the right way to lead – with confidence, but also compassion. By making quick decisions, while also being deliberate. By taking accountability. And importantly – by listening, and adapting, to the needs of your staff and your attorneys. ILTA recognizes the value of identifying and cultivating future leaders and bolstering existing leaders, by offering a wealth of resources on Leadership. Leadership sessions at ILTACON, a dedicated Leadership event, a frequent Leadership book club, networking opportunities, and countless written articles, are just a few examples.  

How has ILTA influenced your leadership journey?  

ILTA has helped me be a more well-rounded leader. Mustering the courage to put my name into the volunteer pool was a great career decision, and my only regret is that I hadn’t done it sooner! The countless conversations I have had with ILTA members, staff, and volunteers, both in-person and virtual, have helped shaped my trajectory as a leader at my own Firm, and I utilize things I’ve learned from these conversations and other ILTA-provided resources on a daily basis in my job. Getting involved in ILTA’s leadership programming has boosted my confidence, built my soft skills and behaviors, helped to keep morale high on my team, and has and made me a more compassionate leader. And ultimately, this translates to a better experience for our attorneys as we are able to provide quality solutions to meet their needs.