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We’re unlocking the “vault” of ILTA Benefits!

Throughout 2021, legal technologists are sharing how they use our various resources, opportunities, and benefits. We’ll be updating this webpage on a monthly basis to key you into new features.

Check out the ILTA treasures awaiting you...

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Your access to an open, collegial global community.

Connect on a more personal level through directories

With ILTA membership, you gain access to over 30,000 peers within the Member Directory and Sponsor Directory. You have the ability to find the person you connected with at an ILTA Event, find someone with the title you aspire to obtain, gain insight into a solution with a recommended company contact. Find the connection your looking for and send a message! You never know how it might change your career or organization.


Member Directory

Your digital Rolodex with more than 25,000 member peers willing to answer your message.

Search for peers with certain expertise, similar titles, personal interests, educational institutions, and more. Dependent on what members choose to share, you may be able to read their bios, see what online communities they're in, and how involved they are with ILTA.  The Member Directory is only open to ILTA members.

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Member Directory

How to tap into the directory

five reasons to use the member directory

1. Connect with someone who has similar interests to you.
2. Reach out to someone who has knowledge or expertise in an area you want to learn more about.
3. Connect with people working in similar roles.
Connect with someone who has similar interests to you.
4. Find people from your organization who are active in ILTA and may work from a different location or even country.
5. Find a peer from our directory of over 25,000 people from across the globe working in legal.

Sponsor Directory

Thousands of Business Partners are ready to answer your questions and show you the latest solutions. 

Search by company name, ILTA Corporate Sponsorship level, product categories, and keywords. Once your search results appear, you'll find their company overview, social links, awards, staff contacts, and more! 

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Sponsor Directory

stay Tuned for upcoming enhancements

Coming early 2022, Business Partners will be organized by primary product/service category for quicker search results. 
If you are a business partner and would like to select your category, fill out this form

To Make the best connections, make sure your profile is at ITs best

A completed profile helps you find the best connections and helps people find you. Here are five reasons why you should update your profile today!

1. Be contacted to share your knowledge and expertise through a virtual roundtable, webinar panel discussion, write an article, etc.
2. Help peers understand your background, knowledge, and affiliations.
3. Showcase your career journey.
4. Showcase your certifications, honors, and scholarships.
5. Remove outdated information to ensure your profile accurately reflects your current status.

stay abreast of the latest and greatest in the legal community

ILTA connections reach across the globe, through all sizes of law firms and organizations, and with individuals in various roles. The connections you make during our various digital and in-person events* will help your career and organization succeed. 

*availability of in-person events depends on CDC and local COVID guidelines



Listen in on the latest tech trends and must-knows from subject matter experts living and breathing legal tech each day. Ask questions, share your thoughts in the chat, and see what your peers are doing.

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From Master Classes to less formal digital meetings, ILTA roundtables offer legal tech professionals a seat at the table to discuss their challenges, share solutions, and create the future of the business of law.

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Product Briefings

A chance to learn about the latest tech updates from the solution providers themselves. ILTA Product briefings offer members a no-obligation, no-pressure, no-commitment learning experience.

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Special Interest Group Meetings

An opportunity for European and UK-based legal professionals to gather to talk about all things knowledge management, information security, IT education, litigation support, and tech architecture.

learn more about SIGs »
Virtual Meetups and Socials

Meaningful connections await you...join in ILTA’s local meetups, network, and rub (literal and digital!) elbows with other legal techies. Keep an eye out for invitations from your local member liaison in a city near you!

find your local member liaison »

“At ILTA, you’ll find an event happening virtually almost every day of the business week. Participating in a live event is a great way to meet peers, make meaningful connections, and learn about cutting edge tech trends. As an ILTA member, there is no extra cost to register for most webinars, roundtables, virtual meetups, special interest group meetings, and product briefings as its all included in your membership. Check out the All Upcoming Events page to join the conversation!”

Samantha Surillo Director of Member & Volunteer Operations at ILTA

 Stay tuned for a new mentoring program

In January 2022, ILTA will launch a new three-month pilot mentoring program open to members, business partners, and participants. Interested in learning more? Here's the rundown of the program and how you can get involved.


Your resource for reliable insights, trends, and more.

ILTA's content is peer-cREATED & CURAted

The ILTA Content Coordinating Teams and ILTA Staff collaborate with experts in the global legal technology community to produce resources that make your business as informed and efficient as possible. Click through the ILTA website and you'll find podcasts, digital event recordings, and blogs that will help you become the legal tech insider for your department and organization. 

Follow along as we unlock the different categories of ILTA Content throughout 2021 Q3.

ILTA Video Recordings

On-demand webinars, interviews, and other presentations covering the latest topics, challenges, and trends in legal tech.

ILTA Content Coordinating Teams, Staff, Business Partners, and other ILTAns host various digital events each month to make sure you have the latest information about the legal industry, career development, solutions, and more. Log in and re-watch or watch sessions you weren't able to attend. You'll also find session transcripts and additional resources provided by the speakers.

With nearly 700 videos, there's something for you! 

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ILTA Recordings

MOST-Watched Videos of 2021

Law Librarians: Forerunners of Technology, Innovation, and Data

Explore the skills and knowledge that law librarians can bring to technology/innovation processes and projects, such as content understanding, classification, taxonomies, organization of data, etc.

watch »

Microsoft Teams for Collaboration (With or Without Documents)

Microsoft Teams allows users to collaborate in new and different ways. In its most basic usage, it's a threaded chat application. Teams also provide a great meeting platform on which participants can simultaneously open and co-author documents. But, once you start putting documents in Teams the need for governance applies.

watch »

Change Management - The Role of the Innovation Influencer

Panelists share tips on how influencers can work for law firms that are struggling to bridge the gap that exists between what clients want and what law firms can deliver.

watch »

Let Your Work Flow: How Workflows Can Simplify Your Business Practices

In this mini-interview, speakers identify exactly what business processes are and how they can be streamlined, tracked, and automated via the use of Workflow Technologies.

watch »

The Evolving Role of Educating Students and Lawyers about Technology and Innovation

Speakers discuss the various areas that KM, Library, and Marketing professionals are currently educating their respective organizations' attorneys to help best adapt to changes in the industry.

watch »

ILTA Blogs

Written by ILTAns, for ILTAns, ILTA Blogs take our areas of focus and make education approachable.

ILTA Blogs are short, timely content that is directly applicable to your firm and your role. Searchable by type of knowledge area, the blogs offer the chance to write for a larger readership while reading content directly from your peers.

Read. Learn. Grow your role. ILTA Blogs.

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ILTA Blogs

MuST-Read 2021 Blogs

What is Teams and What Should Information Governance and Security Be Concerned With the Initial Setup

Level set on the basics of what Microsoft Teams is and isn't. 

read »
litigation and practice support
Excel as a Tool for Litigation Support

It’s hard to argue the beauty and power of Excel as a tool for Litigation Support. Whether you’re editing a load file, creating an index, preparing a report, or making your database more functional – there is a way to accomplish almost every task in Excel.

read »
Open Source Cyber Tools for When You Are On a Tight Budget

an overview of some powerful open-source tools to help you address key cyber functions such as network intrusion detection, host intrusion detection, host forensics, and security incident and event management.

professional development
Certifications for eDiscovery Professionals

A breakdown of a handful of top certifications that bring value to those who study for them and show the value add to others that work with those individuals.


"In my almost three years at ILTA, I am always astounded at the incredible abundance of volunteers who are willing to author creative, helpful, and resourceful blog posts on a quarterly basis. I firmly believe part of the appeal for authoring, is that blog posts offer a very safe, welcoming, and non-time consuming environment for authors to share their wealth of expertise on a pressing problem facing the industry or offering a vital solution/tip to save members valuable time. As an added bonus, many of our blog posts are written with the busy ILTA member in mind and can be consumed in a simple page or two."

Brian Balistreri, ILTA Education Coordinator

New blogs series: event session recaps

To give a look into ILTA Events, we are introducing a new series where ILTANs will share their session takeaways. This is a way to share experiences and know if you would like to participate in future events or purchase event recordings so you gain more professional development and the latest industry insights. 

Leadership Summit

The Residual Effects of Volunteering Panelists
Written by Shefali Lakhani, Knowledge Management Lawyer, Proskauer Rose LLP

As I was applying to ILTA volunteer positions, I watched the “Residual Effects of
Volunteering,” a timely webinar. It amped me up even further, seeing the potential to
engage in building a community with other smart, excited individuals.

Volunteering presents a myriad of benefits: of course, giving back to and building a strong
community is top of mind, but volunteering can also allow for other ‘residual effects’.
Networking, meeting intelligent, like-minded people, getting exposed to new technologies, as well as becoming effective leaders and communicators, and learning to better listen and
collaborate with others in all ways that ILTA can help progress a career.

Read the entire blog here.

If you are interested in purchasing the Leadership Summit Recordings, learn more here.

“I enjoy contributing as an ILTA blog author because it gives me the opportunity to share ideas and work with talented colleagues in the legal technology community.  The ILTA blog format is a great vessel for introducing the legal community to leading edge thought leadership in technology and innovation.”

ILTA Member and KM Attorney, Paul Hastings LLP

ILTA Radio Podcasts

Podcasts that showcase the best of ILTA; great content, strong speakers, and innovative solutions.

Tune in, learn with us: find new solutions and help move your career forward.

Total Number of Podcasts as of July 2021: 295 and counting
Total Number of Downloads: 100K+ across our website and streaming platforms

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ILTA Radio


litigation and practice support
Tools that Firms Use for Collection

There are tons of tools and programs out there that can be used for collections, but which ones are firms actually using? This podcast will discuss a few of the tools that firms are using in-house to do their own collections.

Tune in »
data science
Eureka! Effectively Using Data-Mining and Analytics to Influence Decisions

Delve into the deepest reaches of datamining to strike the most valuable information and then refine and process it into consumable reports and end products to ensure success.

tune in »
professional development
Talking to Lawyers Series: Archiving and Destruction - Part 4

Join us in learning the perspectives of three eDiscovery practitioners on two common scenarios that lawyers may encounter.

tune in »
professional development
The Simple Plan for Career Development Supporting Women That Inspire Change in the Legal Industry

With incredible change happening in the legal industry, and the effect that COVID has had on women's careers, there is no better time to support these pioneering women. Hear practical advice on imposter syndrome, career management, assertive communication, feedback, personal influence, conflict management, negotiation, the importance of mentors, resilience, and self-care from an industry expert.

tune in »

"ILTA Radio connects good technology with a good story. Our many podcast series span the gamut of innovation, mixed with practical knowledge, mixed with a little fun. They highlight the best of ILTA and ILTAns and I find that the Hopscast and Getting a Seat at the Table series both push those boundaries of relevant content and personal. Tech is so formal sometimes; it's good to take a step back and see how tech and people mingle."

Beth Anne Stuebe, ILTA Director of Publications and Press

Tune INTO These ILTA Radio Series

What Went Wrong

What Went Wrong

Where we find out about a moment that changed the course of a career, an idea, or a life in legal.

tune in »


A casual conversation around all things tech, innovation, and of course, about baseball, and hops.

tune in »
Fresh Voices of Legal Tech

Fresh Voices of Legal Tech - Europe

A look into different career paths in the legal tech community.

tune in »
Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge

An award-winning series covering timely and interesting topics in legal technology.

tune in »
Getting a Seat at the Table

Getting a Seat at the Table

Brought to you by the Women Who Lead Group this podcast takes aim at boardroom tables everywhere as guests talk about their “chairs,” who is at their table, and how they carved out their seats.

tune in »

Other popular series

Talking to Lawyers: Series Collections
A four-part series highlighting practical considerations when talking to your lawyers about data. From collection to archiving and destruction, three eDiscovery Professionals take you through the finer details of how to frame volume, cost, production, and data exchange with your legal personnel.

Part 1: Collection // Part 2: Volume & Cost // Part 3: Production & Data Exchange // Part 4: Archiving & Destruction

Fresh Voices of Legal Tech 

Thirteen episodes and counting! In this series, you’ll learn about the different roles technologists operate in within legal, how they got to where they are today, and what skills they were able to transfer from their past lives working in other industries. Young professionals and those new to working in legal will benefit as guests share advice and challenges they experienced along the way... 

Episode 1: Innovation Specialist // Episode 2: Senior Staff Training & Development // Episode 3: Data Analytics Project Manager // Episode 4: Knowledge Management Analyst // Episode 5: Director of Client Relations & Innovation // Episode 6: Senior Manager of Knowledge Management, Global Knowledge & Research // Episode 7: Reference Librarian // Episode 8: Project Manager // Episode 9: Applications Analyst // Episode 10: Director of Knowledge Solutions // Episode 11: Practice Innovations Analyst // Episode 12: Knowledge Management Solutions Analyst // Episode 13: Knowledge Management Practice Innovation Manager

“I enjoy the variety of topics-there really is one for every sort of ILTA member. There are episodes on improving client-firm relationships, toolkits for different practice support groups, data retention, analytics and their use, career development advice—really there are too many topics to highlight, but all the pods are very well done. I also appreciate that ILTA is intentional about highlighting the voices of women—there is even a podcast series devoted to influential women in legal tech.”

Marlene Gebauer ILTA Member and Director Of Knowledge Management at Locke Lord LLP

Find ILTA Radio podcasts at...


Your safe space for developing skills.

develop your leadership skills through ILTA benefits, resources, and offerings.

Active participation in ILTA unlocks countless opportunities to boost your confidence, build your soft skills, and shape your trajectory as a leader. We are committed to providing a safe environment where you can practice your leadership skills without the burden of having a formal leadership role. See what your peers are saying and learn how you can take advantage of these valuable opportunities to continue to learn, grow, and flourish.

“ ILTA provides a safe environment to develop and train your leadership skills without the burden of having a formal leadership role. By engaging in ILTA’s initiatives (volunteer roles, online communities, local gatherings, virtual events, conferences) one can master public speaking, connect with tough leaders in the industries and learn from them, find a mentor, and so much more.”

Read Bárbara's blog to learn more about her leadership story.

Bárbara Gondim Da Rocha Head of Knowledge Management and Innovation, Rocha, Marinho E Sales Advogados

"There's the opportunity to try a variety of different things in a safe setting. And, see what will happen when a bunch of bright people get together, put egos aside, and we work toward the common betterment of the industry."

Watch this short video with more of Jim's sentiments...

ILTA Unlocked: Leadership featuring James McKenna

James McKenna

ILTA Board Member and CIO at Fenwick & West LLP

What opportunities does ILTA provide for legal technologists to further develop their leadership capacities?

As the legal industry continues to see more rapid changes in technology, it’s important to keep an eye out for the bigger picture and ensure you’re not operating with blinders on. As new generations of leaders emerge, it’s important to show them the right way to lead – with confidence, but also compassion. By making quick decisions, while also being deliberate. By taking accountability. And importantly – by listening, and adapting, to the needs of your staff and your attorneys. ILTA recognizes the value of identifying and cultivating future leaders and bolstering existing leaders, by offering a wealth of resources on Leadership. Leadership sessions at ILTACON, a dedicated Leadership event, a frequent Leadership book club, networking opportunities, and countless written articles, are just a few examples.

Read the full Q&A blog 

Tony Capecci

Tony Capecci

Associate Director of Business & Core Applications at Kirkland & Ellis

Leadership Resources

Develop your leadership skills through peer-vetted and created content.

Find advice, leadership opportunities, and more in the below links. 

ILTA TV: Tea With Me Series
ILTA TV: ILTA Unlocked Series
Peer-Created #Leadership Content


Become a thought leader by being active in the ILTA community.

Your knowledge is valuable and the ILTA Community is ready to hear it! Share your expertise and become a trusted thought leader in the legal tech community by being active in the ILTA Online Communities and events, writing articles for ILTA Publications, becoming a speaker, and so much more!

All ILTAns have opportunities to grow their thought leadership

Whether you are an ILTA Member, Business Partner, or Participant, you can influence the legal technology community by being active in ILTA.

ILTA VP of Service Delivery Dawn Hudgins and VP of Business Partner Development Jason Stookey share some examples of how to do so and why. 


Engage with others in Communities and during ILTA Events

Join and contribute to online communities, and be active in the chat portion of ILTA Events. If you have the answer to someone's question, share it! The first step to thought leadership is sharing what you know. Join one of the following open forum groups and see if you can answer any recent questions:

#CreatingtheFutureTogether »
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion »
Women Who Lead Group »
Open Forum »

“I am thankful for the ability to meet so many people from diverse backgrounds and incredible Thought Leaders in this industry.  When you are doing this thing we call IT we tend to forget there are so many of us out there that are doing the same things day in and day out."
- ILTA Member and IT Director


Author for ILTA

Consistently ranked as the most valuable publications in the legal technology sector, our award-winning magazine, white papers, and surveys deliver education when and where readers want it. Look at our yearly editorial calendar to see if your expertise fits our slated topics. It's as easy as submitting an article pitch!

review the 2021 editorial calendar »
submit an article idea »

Become an ILTA Speaker

We have various ILTA Events throughout the year where you can share your insights and experience. Whether it be for a webinar, Featured Events, or Conference, getting up on a stage or on a Zoom call, people want to hear your stories and learnings. Look out for call for speaker emails and egroup posts, connect with our Education team, or fill out the "I have an Idea" form to be considered.

fill out the form »

“While this may come as a surprise to some, I began speaking at ILTA and other events as a member in an attempt to get over my fear of public speaking. Now it is a big part of my job and one of the things I enjoy the most. This never would have happened without ILTA.” 
- Rebecca 
Sattin, CIO, Worldox

thought leadership in action


Subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn from legal technology thought leaders. Here are some suggested series:

Solutions Now »
ILTA News »
Europe Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide an opportunity for members in local firms to participate in useful discussions with peers in job role and work remit. Share experiences, ask questions, kick around ideas, float suggestions, and thrash out problems with like-minded peers.

learn more »
Women Who Lead Group

ILTA’s Women Who Lead mission is to empower women to advance to, and succeed in, technology leadership positions within law firms, corporate legal departments, and technology providers serving the ILTA community. The Community is open to all who foster women in leadership.

learn more »
upcoming event
Leadership Summit

9&10 June 2021 • Digital Event
ILTA’s own PPC, Talent Council, and professional staff will deliver educational sessions spread over two tracks devoted to professional development and volunteer leadership. You’ll gain tools and connections to help you take the next step in your career or volunteer role.

view details and register »

“ILTA has certainly helped me on my journey to achieving a leadership position by providing me with writing and panel speaking opportunities, growth within the wider Legal Technology community, and a huge sense of support through that community. Involvement in ILTA's Special Interest Groups and roundtables have also helped me gain deeper insight into common industry trends and peer experience, and given me a greater understanding of how to support Legal Tech initiatives and grow adoption through the sharing of use cases and best practices.”

Eleanor White Manager, Legal Technology & Innovation Global Knowledge Management at Shearman & Sterling (London) LLP

No matter where you are in your career, ILTA has the resources to help develop your leadership skills.

Whether you are a young professional just starting your career, a professional who is new to legal, or a seasoned legal technologist, ILTA has pieces of training, networking opportunities, volunteer roles, recordings, and more that will help you become an effective and influential leader. 

Law Firm 101

Looking to step up your game in knowing the in’s and out’s of the business of law? Getting a solid foundation is a key building block in your journey to becoming a leader in legal. Check out ILTA’s Law Firm 101, an interactive eLearning course that provides guidance and support to those who are new to working in law firms. Learn more here.

Career Center

Curious about what’s required in order to take the next step in your career? Check out ILTA’s Career Center, space where you can see positions employers are hiring for right now in legal and what’s required. ILTA’s Career Center also provides resources and tips around creating powerful resumes, personal branding, salary negotiations. Learn more here.

Leadership Summit

Take the next step in your career and/or volunteer roles!

ILTA offers a Leadership Summit where leaders in the ILTA Community share their lessons learned, advice, stories, and more! The 2021 Summit took place in June, but you are able to purchase access to the recordings to learn about leadership under pressure, how to handle relationships with coworkers after a promotion, the residual effects of volunteering, and so much more. You can purchase the recordings of 11 amazing sessions for $129 USD Members, $299 USD Non-members. 

check out the sessions
purchase the recordings

Leadership Summit

Special offer for those New to Legal 

Are you new to legal and/or 40 years of age or younger? Check out new ways to engage with ILTA and help shape the future of ILTA. Don't identify with this demographic? Consider sharing this announcement with colleagues of your organization that may.

When you dive into ILTA your career path changes. 

The experience, practice, education, and connections you gain from ILTA education, events, and volunteering can propel you to become a confident, active, and inspiring leader to fellow ILTAns and the entire legal community. Here's one career path of an active ILTA Member and seasoned volunteer. What will your career path look like after you take advantage of more ILTA offerings.



Your personal network for all things legal tech.

Peer Powered Success

The ILTA Community is collegial and ready to provide solutions, recommendations, career advice, and so much more!  

Take a look at just some of the examples our community has changed the lives of individuals, improved organizations’ businesses, and acknowledged successes within the legal space.


It can help secure your next career

“Like so many others I lost my job in March and was conducting a months-long job search prior to attending ILTA>ON. After feeling disconnected from my profession for an extended period of time, I was looking forward to connecting with the ILTA community by attending ILTA>ON in 2020, but it turned out to be so much more. The learning opportunities allowed me to strengthen and broaden my knowledge of the challenges legal IT professionals are managing during the time of COVID, general trends and allowed me to learn about technologies that I have not had an opportunity to work with. I was fortunate to find a new job in October and was equally fortunate to be awarded a networking scholarship to attending ILTA>ON.

I started the interview process with my new employer weeks after ILTA>ON. Although my past accomplishments speak for themselves, feeling empowered and charged up by the ILTA>ON experience, I approached the interview process with a new level of confidence. I believe that attending ILTA>ON positioned me for success and supported me to find my next opportunity. I will be forever grateful that ILTA offered me its 2020 networking scholarship and look forward to continuing my professional journey with its supportive community. This is an amazing organization and I hope to contribute to its success in the future.”

Christopher J. Cummings Operations and Business Process Manager at Klein Hornig LLP

It will help find solutions, make connections, and more!

And it will give you an overall great experience within the legal technology space.

"I originally became a member of ILTA when I worked for a law firm. Over 10 years ago when I switched to a job in a corporate legal department, I soon found my needs from this organization changed. The first ILTACON I attended as a corporate member I quickly found a new network of peers that have become invaluable to me over the course of my career. The corporate members were so welcoming and introduced me to the value I can get from my membership from the law department perspective. I enjoy participating in webinars, utilizing the Community of Interest and of course ILTACON. ILTA also has a Corporate Legal page on their website with helpful resources and information. I think the main difference in this organization vs other professional associations is our membership goes beyond GC’s, attorneys and Legal Operation professionals. I am most grateful for the meaningful personal connections I had made over the years."

Vanessa Lozzi

Senior Legal Technology and Litigation Support Administrator | Assistant Vice President at Legal Department at Flagstar Bank

"Ever since joining ILTA 6 years ago, I’m amazed at the level of continual knowledge sharing and collaborations amongst the members. Member volunteer their time to plan awesome educational contents (ILTACON, Virtual Sessions, Local Events, etc.) and eager to help with questions posted on the Community eGroups. Personally, it’s the professional connections that comes with working on educational sessions and volunteering together on events. Because of this external pool of resources that I can leverage, my contributions to my organization are that much more enriched!"

George Chui

Director, Systems Development, Global Technology at Prudential Financial

"I really enjoy sharing thought leadership pieces with the ILTA community. It’s always great to share the work I am doing with my peers across the industry, but the real value comes with the rich conversations that follow. And those conversations foster great new relationships, and they always give me exciting new ideas to bring back to my firm around new ways to use data or how to improve the users experience."

Rachel Shields Williams

Director, Knowledge Management Technology at Sidley Austin LLP

"Keno Kozie has been a supporter of ILTA for many years. In addition to sponsoring their Annual Conference, we have done everything from taking part in Roadshows to advertising and authoring articles in their quarterly publication – Peer to Peer. We have found them to be a great organization for us to be part of and enjoy being able to look for opportunities to share our knowledge and expertise with their members. Being able to provide content through bylined articles and white papers for Peer to Peer has proven to be a great way for us to communicate with the ILTA members on topics that are relevant, valuable and timely to their organization."

Barry Keno

Founder and President of Keno Kozie Associates

The Volunteer Community

ILTA runs on volunteers who create education and events with YOU in mind. 

Whether it be through an official volunteer role or through being active in our online communities, hundreds of legal technologists around the globe volunteer by contributing daily to ILTA’s network of knowledge. They openly share their knowledge and time, cheer you on to conquer challenges, fight for the betterment of Legal, and become a second family. 

See how volunteers impact ILTA and how you can tap into the volunteer community.

learn more about ILTA Volunteers

The Peer Power of ILTA Volunteers.

Your peers from across the globe meet regularly to produce the content seen on and at ILTA Events. They seek out the expertise and insights needed to solve your every-day business challenges and so much more!

must watch
Meet an ILTA Volunteer

Daniel Wood, Director of Counsel Assistance at Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP, has been an active ILTA Volunteer for over four years, holding various roles. Learn more about his experience here. 

learn more about Daniel's current volunteer group, the PPC 

must read
How Volunteering Can Help You Grow, Improve, and Create

By Mary Vacherweill, Senior Technology Specialist at Faber Daeufer & Itrato PC

I wanted to present myself as articulate and worthy, but also to engage in a useful way. I was intimidated by the enormous brainpower that is ILTA. Perhaps others are hesitant to speak up and come forward to volunteer. Whatever qualms I had about stepping up were exactly working against the engagement level I desired. I learn by doing, and volunteering is no exception.
read the entire blog here
must see
Volunteer Experiences Worth Exploring

Learn about the Content Coordinating Team (CCT) experience and how to become a volunteer from ILTA Member Jack Recinto!

log in and watch a recent recording produced by the Technology Solutions CCT here

must watch
Authoring for ILTA = A Professional Development Tool

Kathleen Hogan, Director, Knowledge Integration at McCarthy Tétrault, shares the authoring process as a volunteer contributor for ILTA. Not only do you add articles to your resume, but you develop more professional skills. Hear what she has to say...

read one of Kathleen's contributions 

must read
The Real Facts About Volunteering (Q&A)

An interview with Debbie Ting, Senior Manager of KM Transactional Technologies, Goodwin Procter LLP. Debbie graciously answered five questions to give you an overall sense of what it's really like being an ILTA Volunteer, and why you should inquire about opportunities as soon as you can. 

read the entire q&a here
must see
Gaining Knowledge and Broaden Your Network

ILTA Member and Volunteer Julia Binari, SR Manager - Enterprise Project Management & Learning, Lathrop GPM LLP, shares why volunteering with ILTA is "the perfect marriage of gaining knowledge and broadening your network."

learn more about the ILTA Volunteer network


“For the last several years, I’ve been a part of creating, reviewing, and refining ILTA’s Marketing Technology survey. I’ve really enjoyed the collaborative nature working with a mix of Legal Marketing Tech folks who each bring their own areas of expertise. It’s great being able to connect and work alongside others who are passionate about what we do. Volunteering with ILTA has paved the way for these relationships. I encourage everyone to get involved with ILTA’s publications. It’s a great way to network with the best in the industry!”

Sheila R. mennis Senior Manager, Marketing Information Systems at Duane Morris, LLP
must watch
Ignite Your Passion

Doreen Watt, Senior Project and Process Manager, Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP, has been a volunteer since 2013. Learn what she thinks are the benefits for volunteering  and how easy it is to sign up!

must read
“Experience-Driven” Storytelling Using the ILTA Authoring Experience

By Ragav Jagannathan, President & Group CEO, SharePoint SME
KL Software Technologies

Writing thought leadership blogs and articles are not just for professional bloggers, writers, speakers, and journalists - they can be for anyone as an important part of educational writing, promotion, and much more. Inspirational and aspirational articles submitted to the ILTA Blogs can serve as an effective source to inspire and persuade ILTA community members to adopt and adapt to a rapidly evolving modern “post-pandemic” workplace.
read the entire blog  for Ragav's writing tips 
must read quote
Join the ILTA Family

Catherine S. Hanley, Knowledge Management Lawyer, Sidley Austin

ILTA is a boots on the ground organization and volunteers fill many of the boots! When I joined, it felt like I joined a big family – a big, raucous, plugged-in family, with discussions, debates, activities, and events happening all the time, on every platform and channel! As an ILTA volunteer, I bring ideas and trends to the fore and collaborate with peers on developing and delivering content. There is room for anyone looking to share their perspective. It’s an exciting organization to be involved in and I would recommend volunteering with ILTA to anyone working in legal tech.  
learn how to update your volunteer profile to join!

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Lean in for a Real World Impact

By Eric Weller, IS Operations Manager at Fennemore

Every tech professional I know consumes a LOT of media and I always encourage others in legal to lean heavily on ILTA communities, because the number and variety of information available elsewhere is simply overwhelming. ILTA Communities provide a broad filter on the larger world of tech media, focusing much of the content on...

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Finding Your Creative Outlet

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When I started in legal a little over four years ago, I knew from past experience that the best way to learn is through mentoring and online resources. The ILTA online community is the best resource in LegalTech. You to pick the brains of professionals at every level from hundreds of firms. Regardless of the size of a firm, ILTA members are always happy to help and provide the best recommendations and insight. Not only that, there are vendor specific forums where you can hear from them directly. You may even make some friends as I have along the way. We are a community that grows by helping each other. I highly recommend the ILTA communities and getting involved as often as you can! 

Jason thomas ILTA Member and Chief Information Officer at Cole, Scott & Kissane P.A.

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"I love ILTA forums. The knowledge I have obtained has paid for my membership several times over. I read about things over my head, answer things I have experience with and ask specific questions about things important to my firm. Specifically, I have chosen a backup solution due to ILTA forum suggestions, changed User Rights for security, purchased a Large File Transfer solution also due to ILTA info. I have no doubt our firm has a much more secure environment because of what I have pulled from ILTA forums. Additionally I believe I get a sense of what solutions are good values and save money from that knowledge."

Jeff Wyatt

ILTA Member and Chief Administrative Officer at McMahon Surovik Suttle, PC

"ILTA online communities have given me the tools needed to grow as an IT professional in the legal industry. It has allowed me to network with those in different geographic locations and provide me with insights to trends in technology. It is a great resource that I have available to me."

Devin Jaundoo

ILTA Member and Manager, Cloud & Infrastructure Services at Lenczer Slaght Royce Smith Griffin LLP


1. Allows me to network with my peers of similar positions.

2. Gives me the pulse of the legal industry.I’m consistently asked by my executive management team what are other law firms doing and are we using the best of breed of applications.The community forum provides these answers.

3. In certain forums such as Desktop & Application Services, Microsoft –Desktop Applications, iManage, and User Support Services provide first notification of issues as they are happening.

4. When troubleshooting an issue, the community forum is my first place to look sometimes before a google search.


Jen Zanieski



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