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It Takes a Village: An all-new Security blog series

By ILTA Publication posted 06-16-2020 13:07

ILTA is pleased to announce the creation of an all-new security series: It takes a Village.

Please find below five individual posts aimed at improving security for the entire industry.
Thanks to the LegalSEC Steering Committee for your efforts in this series, and a special call out to Jeff Franchetti for driving the series: It takes a Village.

With the ever increasing interoperability of today’s technology, it is more important than ever to standardize architecture designs on protocols that are proven to support best practices for security. In this series, we have identified five legacy protocols or technologies that represent security risks and outlined steps to mitigate the risk. It takes a village to address these risks as they involve firms, vendors, courts, hotels and other third party products and services. Through educating the community of legal technologists regarding these risks, we hope everyone will see why it is important to take action. By taking responsibility for eliminating these protocols or technologies, we can improve the security of our industry. 

It takes a Village - Technical Measure #1 - Disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1
It takes a Village - Technical Measure #2 - Eliminate Flash in all browsers
It Takes a Village – Technical Measure #3 - Move away from IE as a default browser
It takes a Village - Technical Measure #4 - Disable SMBv1
It takes a Village - Technical Measure #5 - Disable NTLMv1

Additionally, ILTA would like to thank Lisa Stone, Dean Leung,  Scott Christensen, 
Dan Nottke, Jeff Brandt,  Jim McKenna, Kevin Moore, Michele Gossmeyer, Peter Kaomea, Peter Lesser, Scott Rolf, Corey Simpson, and Joy Heath Rush for their instrumental work on making this series happen.