2019 ILTACON - Session Highlights for Corporate Legal Members

By ILTACON Conference posted 06-28-2019 08:47


As a Corporate or Government ILTA member, it is often hard to get the sign-off to attend ILTACON. 

Are you interested in attending this year’s conference but don’t know if there are enough sessions of interest to make it worth it? Do you have to convince your boss? Here are some of the many sessions at ILTACON 2019 that should prove valuable to Corporate and Government members.

Sunday Collaboration Kickoff, Tuesday Collaboration Session, and Thursday Collaboration Session

These collaboration sessions for Corporate and Government attendees are often some of the most valuable at conference, as they present an opportunity to meet industry peers and discuss common issues and concerns. If you are new to your role or about to embark on a new technology initiative this is a great opportunity to get advice from peers with similar experience in the past.

Outsource the App, But You Can’t Outsource Your Responsibility 

As we all face increasing pressure to limit costs the appeal of cloud-based tech solutions grows. But given the potential associated risks with moving to the cloud will it be worth the savings? In this session hear from Corporate peers who have made the move and figured out how to answer this question.

Best Applications in Visualization Software for Legal Operations 

Are you interested in bringing data visualization into your Legal Ops group but don’t know where to start? Hear success stories from Corporate peers and come see live demos from some of the leading data visualization software providers in the industry.

How Law Firms Really Get Hired
Are you curious to learn how your industry peers are handling changes to the hiring process for Outside Counsel? What factors are progressive General Counsel and Corporate/Government Legal Departments considering when choosing representation?  In this interactive session you will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how you can become a more sophisticated consumer of legal services.

Non-Traditional Partnerships between Law Firms and Clients 

Have you ever wondered about new ways to collaborate with your outside counsel? In this session you will hear from law firms who have partnered with corporate clients in unique ways to better achieve common goals.

Training Up – Emerging Roles in Legal Operations 

The Legal Operations landscape is rapidly expanding, and many roles that didn’t exist 5 years ago are now common within Corporate legal departments. Learn more about some of these new roles and what might be needed to succeed in them.

Eating Their Own Cooking – How the Microsoft Legal Team Uses Microsoft Tools to Increase Efficiency 

Are you curious about some of Microsoft’s new applications like Teams and how they can improve your department’s efficiency? Attend this session to hear from Microsoft’s legal teams and see live demos showing how it saves them time daily.

Exploration of Chatbots in the Legal Ops Space 

While we are all familiar with the use of virtual assistants or Chatbots by commerce companies like Amazon, do they have a future in the legal space? Attend this session to learn more about the possible benefits and drawbacks of introducing Chatbots in a legal setting.

Artificial Intelligence Series

There is a push to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning throughout the legal industry. Curious about AI but not sure where to learn more? Attend this four-part series to learn more about the present and future of AI in the legal space. 

Session #1 - AI Foundations: AI Basics in Legal

Session #2 - Machine Learning and AI in Actions

Session #3 - Contract Review Automation

Session #4 - Scaling Up Adoption: Getting Attorneys to Use and Trust AI 

Blockchain Series

Blockchain has many possible uses in the Corporate legal space, but the word alone scares many of us away. Take advantage of this four-part series to learn more about the potential of blockchain to disrupt the legal industry.

Session #1 - Build-a-Blockchain Workshop: A Live Demonstration of Blockchain Fundamentals (without Computers!)

Session #2 - Client and Law-Firm Driven Blockchain Solutions

Session #3 - Blockchain Smart Contracts Live!

Session #4 - Consortia Roundtable and the Future of Blockchain

Legal Data Science Series

Many of us have heard the terms data analytics or legal data science, but what do they really mean? Attend this four-part series to learn what they mean and how they may shape the legal industry in the years to come.

Session #1 - Law in the Era of Legal Data Science: The Impact of Data Analytics in the Legal Industry

Session #2 - The Rise of the Legal Data Science Team: Establishing Data Analytics Capabilities Within the Legal Environment

Session #3 - Data Engineering and Data Mining: Exploring Trends and Approaches from Inside and Outside of Our Industry

Session #4 - Data Visualization in the Legal Industry: Mixing Art and Science for Impact

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped create this resource. We hope their hard work can be of value to many.