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The Study Case #1 - Use of Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Justice Service

By Juan Corvalan posted 05-06-2021 13:33


Please enjoy this blog post authored by Juan G. Corvalán[1], Co-Director, Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence of the Faculty of Law, University of Buenos Aires.

PretorIA is the first predictive artificial intelligence system in a highest court in the world. Developed within the scope of the Laboratory of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA IALAB) to be applied in the Constitutional Court of Colombia, PretorIA complements people and improves efficiency in the analysis of tutela actions.

From UBA IALAB, we incubated a system to be tested and adjusted by the Constitutional Court of Colombia, which combines functionalities based on expert systems and white box machine learning classification techniques. The system presents a predictive functionality, which is done by automatically “reading”, detecting and classifying, so as to later automate the elaboration of summaries about the presence or absence of 33 criteria in tutela actions related to the right to health, coming from more than 4,000 judges throughout the Republic of Colombia. This functionality means the greatest innovation and allows, in turn, to generate dynamic statistics in real time to help human beings in the selection process of this type of action.

The development of PretorIA was based on the Prometea’s experience which is the first predictive AI system in Latin America and the first in the Western world developed entirely in the Public Sector.


-Intelligent detection. Without human intervention, PretorIA automatically reads sentences and then detects and predicts the presence of these criteria. In addition, it automates and intuitively presents reports and statistics.

-Search. Allows to search by words in a document or group of documents in a few seconds through the inclusion or exclusion of words and phrases.

-Dynamic statistics. The behavior of a criteria is visualized during a period of time through graphs that indicate the number of cases in which it occurs.

-User support. It includes an explanation on how the detector works, tips for classification and a glossary.

PretorIA, as the first predictive system in a highest court in the world, has been awarded as the "best tool for modernization in the field of Justice" by the Excellence in Justice Corporation (CEJ). This is the most prestigious award given in Colombia, and it is the first time in history that the excellence of an AI system in Justice has been awarded, as a recognition of the best practices within the region.

This recognition crowns an unprecedented cooperation project between countries to apply machine learning techniques in small data environments in the Public Sector and shows that it is possible to collaboratively transform organizations in the region, through a holistic and white box approach.

The video below shows how the predictive system developed by UBA IALAB worked at the time it was incubated which does not mean that the system is currently working that way.


Additional Key Information:

[1] PhD. Director of the Laboratory of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, University of Buenos Aires. Author of 8 books, 4 of them related to artificial intelligence. Expert on machine learning (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Expert on Artificial Intelligence, University of Oxford. LinkedIn: . Special thanks go to Matias Puig, lawyer, psychologist and programmer, who was the main leader of PretorIA’s development.