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By Marcelo Cardoso posted 08-17-2022 21:48

How many times during the day do you question yourself about the relevance of your work?

I have noticed in several companies in the most diverse sectors this feeling of doubt about the effectiveness of the time spent by the team, be it in a simple process, report or even a large project.

So, I start here with a provocation: what is productivity for you?
Let me guess... quantity of deliveries, correct? or who knows how many meetings you attend during the day or week?

No, productivity is not associated with a schedule full of meetings that you can't add much to, and it's also not about monitoring 54 processes, 14 projects, and several AD-HOC deliveries, productivity is related to the triad of: QUANTITY, TIME AND QUALITY.

Human beings find it extremely difficult to say no, so we take on numerous tasks without questioning why, just so that our image of a productive employee is maintained.

Have you ever wondered if the processes and reports that are taking up a lot of your time really make a difference to the team/company?
And if you didn't deliver everything for a week, how many people would notice this lack? how many messages would you get about the follow-up that didn't arrive?

Exercise today...
Ask yourself why you do what you do? what is the purpose of your delivery? how does it impact the business?

A great tool for this is the concept of 5w2h:
W: What – Why – Where – When – Who 2H: How? ) – How much (how much will it cost?)

Remember, FOCUS IS SAYING NO (Steve Jobs)