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Be Sheltering: Not Sheltered

By Marlene Gebauer posted 03-24-2020 14:00


What Are Organizations Doing to Address COVID-19? Quite A Bit, Actually.

Ron Friedman has created a list of firm initiatives that he is continually updating.  It is a great quick read if you are looking for some ideas for your organization.  Thank you, Ron.  You were able condense an entire blog post to three sentences. 😊

Dozens of legal innovation professionals, coordinated by Professor Cat Moon of Vanderbilt Law, have signed on as resources for #makelawbetter and to assist in maintaining functionality and accessibility to systems of justice.  If you are interested, send her a note on twitter -@inspiredcat 

My podcast co-host, Greg Lambert, is doing a mini podcast series called In Seclusion, on how those in the legal industry are dealing with COVID-19.  It should be up on all platforms soon, if not already. Nice pants, Greg. :D

Vendors have also gotten on board.  Casetext is offering temporary free access to its firm clients’ pro bono clients (read that carefully), which is super cool.  Other vendors are willing to work with you on custom solutions to carry you through the crisis.  So, if you haven’t asked your vendors for something lately—now's the time.

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