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Eyes on the Prize, People!

By Marlene Gebauer posted 03-25-2020 15:53


Disasters always bring out the best and the worst in people. The hoarders of toilet paper and the caregivers risking their lives to help others. I have a couple observations about this, and they center around focus. 

The self-focus and the selfless focus.  Are you trying to make things better for others or are you just worried about your own ass (literally)?  Focus on the real problem (and address it). We have a more than adequate supply chain of toilet paper.  We don’t, however, have inexhaustible supply of caregivers, masks and medical facilities to treat potentially exposed people. 

Under normal conditions, neither of these examples would pose much of an issue.  There would be no need for TP hoarding and without an epidemic we can handle medical emergencies.

But extraordinary times call for a re-evaluation of focus.  We need to realign our work focus because it is not business as usual.  So take a minute to ask yourself- are you the hoarder, with self-focus and not identifying and solving the real problem at hand?  Or are you the caregiver who understands the problem and balances the need to give patients the best care possible while not collapsing our necessary medical support system?

What are you doing to make things better in your organization?  Where should you decrease your focus, where you should you increase it?

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