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Innovation in the Time of the Corona

By Marlene Gebauer posted 03-25-2020 15:47


Hello from my bunker in Texas.

Like most of you I am “WFH,” which I consistently confuse with “WTH,” which makes for some initial seconds of confusion on my part.  Some examples completely made up but inspired by real life.  Feel free to add your own in the comments.

  • “The WFH initiative will be implemented on Monday. All necessary technology and instructions are in place and everyone is ready.”
  • “She was on a conference call and her kids were running up and down the stairs. WFH, right?”
  • “WFH. How to connect with you clients in a really, REALLY remote environment.”

But this WFH thing has a lot of us doing things differently.  A lot of us.  Even the ones that never do things differently.  (Insert dramatic music) because their lives literally depend on it. 

We have an amazing opportunity right now during the COVID-19 outbreak to make great strides in the development of innovation and the use of technology. Use of video technology is an easy and very discussed example.  But what about how WFH is changing workflow and use of tools? 

Access must be online because deliveries (if they are even being made) are not accessible.  Anyone who uses books needs to go online to find answers—or use their research team. News and regulatory feeds, particularly on how COVID-19 and related law-making is impacting courts, industries and countries are indispensable for client advice and organizational decision making. 

Portals become even more critical to share content and communication with clients. And what about how the COVID -19 crisis is changing our ways of social connection in our organizations?  How do you keep your employees connected and committed? Happy and healthy? 

One thing we are doing is a gamification of social connection initiatives to encourage members of the firm to participate together.  Just like a video game, there are levels of success and related awards.  This model is scalable and can be used for initiatives in the future.


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