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Data Analytics Roundtable: Project Management and Workflows - Brief Summary

By Melaina Fireman posted 04-26-2019 09:34


Please enjoy the summary highlights from the April 25th virtual roundtable discussion entitled Data Analytics Roundtable: Project Management and Workflows.

Recommended Approach to get Started:  
Focus on process improvement/problem solving over technology to be used for the optimal solution.

For Workflow/Scope/Execution/Practice Group involvement: 
It helps for IT/IS to partner with business and include legal knowledgeable resources (early in the process) to validate analytical approach in data initiatives while maintaining business analysts in departments. Whether developing custom applications for advanced analytics, or dashboards for operations – question everything to be included to minimize clutter so reporting and data visualizations provide clear story/call to action for target audience. Expectations should be set to help with scope management while the best process is iterative for quick wins, continuous feedback and value added by process improvements.

Reporting/Statistical/Data Visualization Software Tools Discussed: 
Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, MS Power BI, Tableau, R Studio, custom development.

Project Success:  
Sustainable impact is achieved. Sponsorship/Champion for the improved process to include appropriate marketing/training to increase adoption (necessary for any change management initiative, not just data analytics).


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