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ILTA Europe Peer Group Meeting Recap: Data Analytics for KM Teams

By Mercedes Oppon-Kusi posted 09-30-2021 06:57


Data is central to legal KM, yet formal data strategies and capabilities are often defined poorly, if at all, and dedicated data teams generally sit outside KM functions in finance, business intelligence, or marketing. Still, data is a hot topic. Big Data and artificial intelligence have raised new possibilities around how data can be harvested and exploited, and GDPR has pushed data and compliance to the front of the agenda for many firms. Failing to build an effective data strategy means that KM systems and processes remain fragmented, data quality and insight are impaired, and efficiency diminished.

To help us navigate this complicated and crucial area, the ILTA KM SIG recently hosted an event on 'Data Analytics for KM Teams' with two speakers, both of whom have over 20 years' experience in the industry, across a wide range of domains, legal and otherwise.

Christopher Smith, Chief Global Data Officer at Freshfields, gave an overview of the role of data in legal KM with particular focus on data analytics, considering how data should be captured and structured in a way that produces actionable insights.

Robbie Burgess, Senior Data Manager at Linklaters, reflected on differences in how data is used in the legal world compared to other sectors, described the data lifecycle, situated data strategy within the larger business model of law firms, and talking through real-life lessons learned along her data journey.

Author: @James Pilgrim KM SIG Chair & Senior Knowledge Systems Manager, Linklaters