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Content Integration: The Key to Unlocking Data from Your CRM

By Scott Winter posted 08-09-2019 10:40


Content Integration: The Key to Unlocking Data from Your CRM

Law firms around the world rely on CRM solutions to keep an accurate account of their clients’ experience interacting with the firm.  This includes contact information,  activities, and potential for growth. These firms also rely on data from various other sources to aggregate a holistic view of these client contacts. Recently Scott Winter, the LexisNexis® InterAction® Director of Product Management sat down with Snehit Cherian, the LexisNexis Vice President of Technology, to discuss how technology can help bridge the gap between these pockets of critical data to empower CRM users with a single location to access and assess this information to make informed decisions.

Snehit Cherian:  Scott, law firms collect and consume data from multiple and often disparate locations. What categories of client data have the largest impact on a firm’s ability to grow, market to, and serve their clients?

Scott Winter: As firms increasingly rely on data-driven decision-making, we are seeing data related to the business of law and the practice of law merging to get more value out of the tools that firms have available to them. The CRM data that previously was primarily used for marketing and business development is now also being used to store data on organizations, judges’ ruling behaviors, expert witnesses, and other information related to the practice of law. The ability to combine the relationship data that is stored in your CRM with the litigation, and news about your clients is helping them to not only improve their marketing and business development efforts, but also provide better outcomes for their clients.

The challenge currently facing these firms is not the lack of data that exists but how to adequately compile and access it to provide a comprehensive view of their contacts.

Snehit, If the data currently residing in CRM solutions is one piece of the picture, how can it be leveraged to create the comprehensive view necessary to make informed decisions?

Snehit Cherian: The key to this is content integration—using the functionality that currently exists in CRM to create a fully visible experience for end-users to access all this data from one single point of consumption. We do this by accessing LexisNexis APIs to help disambiguate the contacts that exist in the CRM data, such that the right litigation information, or news related to the contact is available to you. This provides end-users the unique ability to draw from all the relevant data available without the time and output currently required to aggregate information from multiple sources.

Scott, what do you think would be the impact of a fully integrated solution like this on a firm?

Scott Winter: Integrating content into the firms’ CRM solution will not only impact their ability to grow but enhance decision-making and productivity across the organization. Librarians will be able to work efficiently and decrease the current time spent reaching clients, potential clients, and information pertinent to their role. Marketing can segment targets on a granular level not possible before, creating an opportunity for strategic go-to-market motions that increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. Business development will be empowered to better determine which opportunities to pursue and where their efforts will produce the greatest chance of success. Attorneys will be able to identify where to best place their efforts, and firm leadership will be empowered with consumable information to inform decisions that impact every facet of running the firm. 

To learn more about how content integration is becoming a reality and how InterAction is evolving to meet the needs of our clients, be sure to attend Snehit Cherian’s LexisNexis Company Update Session during ILTACON on Monday August 19th at 11:30. Scott Winter will also be at ILTACON participating in a panel to discuss the role CRM plays in regulation and the steps your firm can take to stay compliant on Wednesday August 21st at 9:00.  Both sessions will be in the Asia 1 breakout room.

Picture of Snehit and Scott “snacking” in their company canteen.