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Apps for Career Development

By Tracey Pardo posted 05-17-2021 14:07


In a recent ILTA podcast featuring Josh Lazar, Chief Information Officer, 18th Judicial Circuit, Florida and Sean McGinty, Learning Product Engineer, Simplify Compliance, they touched upon several great resources to enhance your skills and how to go about taking that first step forward in investing in yourself and your career.

Edx (
Edx offers free online courses from over 160 of the world’s best universities, colleges and organizations.  Originally founded by professors from by MIT and Harvard.  The courses are taught by leaders in the industry and credential professors.  They also provide an option to pay for verified course certificates. 

Udemy (
Udemy is one of the largest online educational platforms.  They provide access to thousands of diverse online courses produced by independent instructors covering a variety of topics. They have mix of free and paid courses. They will provide a certificate of completion, but they are not accredited courses.

Grasshopper ( 
Grasshopper is a free interactive app for learning coding.  It was created by a team from Google.  It focuses on the mobile user so you can learn on the go and it uses colorful and creative exercise to teach users JavaScript and coding. 

SoloLearn (
SoloLearn provides coding courses designed by experts with real world experience. The step-by-step courses provide the learning of the basics of a programming language.  It is free with a pro plan option.

Codecademy (
Codecademy is another online platform for learning coding but the difference is that it has a very hands-on, learn by doing approach.  It goes beyond programming languages to subjects like web design, mobile development and data science. The basic plan is free, and it has a pro plan as well.

Pluralsight (
Pluralsight is an online learning platform to help the technology workforce keep up with changing technology and build skills in different areas, like cloud, mobile, security and data.  Courses are taught by expert instructors.  Students can take skill assessments to identify if they are a beginner, intermediate or advance in a particular skill. Pluralsight is a subscription-based service. 

No matter what app or resource you use, it is about taking that first step.  If you are unsure about what that step should look like, then seek out a mentor.  That person can be someone you work with or an ILTA member that you can reach out to through the egroups or the communities.