Achieving Data Reliability Across Systems for Better Business Decisions

When:  Sep 28, 2022 from 11:00 to 12:00 (ET)


The best informed business decisions are grounded in facts, but without reliable data, reports don’t make our thinking any better than guesswork.

Automated data health monitoring acts as an insurance, allowing you to intervene as soon as problems from bad data arise and preventing them from escalating or going unnoticed until costly decisions are made which will impact you long term.

If you have to ask whether you are fully confident in the numbers you are publishing to the business or if you’d know of every instance that your reporting system failed to refresh – this session is for you.

Join Pinnacle as we show you how you can monitor data issues across your applications using a single, filterable dashboard. Using our system agnostic tool, Data Quality Monitor, you can create bespoke, proactive checks that highlight the data issues that really matter to your firm.

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