Automate Matter Docketing and Court Limitation Dates Calculation, using MatterAlert

When:  Jan 26, 2022 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)


MatterAlert is matter-centric docketing, tickler and calendar software that helps law firms manage all matter-related information in one platform. MatterAlert receives data from multiple locations and centralizes information for users. For example, triggers and events from court rules or in-house templates and timekeeper and account data from accounting systems are automatically imported. MatterAlert integrates with Outlook, so tasks, events and reminders are displayed in the format with which many attorneys are most comfortable.

• Matter Dashboard – Team members can view and update all critical matter-related information in one centralized location, including dates, tasks, accounting, document and email information.
• Court Rules Integration – Critical trigger dates from courts across North America are tracked and automatically set up in the platform once a new matter is created. If courts update their rules, calendar events are automatically updated.
• Matter Templates – Law firms can establish and use their own schedule-based templates for different matter types or to meet specific client requirements to automate task and calendar event creation.
• Outlook Integration – Calendar events and reminders are automatically generated and updated in Outlook, creating efficiencies since most attorneys use Outlook every day.
• Notifications – Team members will never miss a critical task or date with MatterAlert’s in-dashboard, email and calendar reminder notifications.
• Bulk Updates – The matter legal team may change over time. The docketing manager can add or remove team members for all future appointments and tasks with just couple of clicks.
• Easy Rollout – MatterAlert is a web-based application. All users need is a browser to work with this application.
• Many Additional Features – Also available to users are search, audit logs, distribution lists, bulk updates, task escalation and much more (see

Join us for a concise overview of the application and a brief demonstration of the features!

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PaayaTech Inc. was established in 2007 by a team of experienced legal technology experts with a focus on providing specialized legal technology consulting and software development solutions for law firms. The company offers three software platforms designed to increase productivity at law firms: MatterAlert, a matter-centric calendar, tickler and docketing platform; CorpSync, which syncs client contact information across platforms; and CorpIntake new business intake (NBI) software. Learn more at

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