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See what other legal technologists are saying about ILTA benefits. Click each section to learn about experiences and tips from members, business partners, and staff members to help you get the most out of ILTA resources, benefits, and opportunities.

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When we say that we are peer-powered, we mean it!

ILTA is an open, collegial global community made up of 25,000+ individuals from the World's Top Law Firms, Corporations, and Business Partners in more than 50 countries. Unite with legal professionals regularly working together to create resources and opportunities.

The top recommended ways to get connected with your ILTA peers are through the ILTA Online Communities, Directories, and Events.

ILTA Online Communities

ILTA Online Communities (aka eGroups, forums, communities of interest) are the go-to-space where legal technologists connect, discuss challenges, find solutions, and develop ideas. These topic-specific discussion spaces provide access to libraries of file uploads, pertinent blogs, and relevant events hosting like-minded individuals.

ILTA Online CommunitiesBy far one of my most used ILTA resources,” says Eric Weller, ILTA Member and Operations Manager at Fennemore. Read on to see Eric’s suggestions for making the most of ILTA Online Communities. 


With close to 2000 members and industry participants, you’ll exchange ideas and information related to applications running on the desktop, including desktop virtualization; all Microsoft products, including SharePoint and Office 365; document assembly and document comparison products; thin-client technologies; and more

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Engage in discussions about client-facing KM tools (extranets, etc.); data mining; enterprise search; expertise location; taxonomy/folksonomy systems; legal research; social networking; and more.

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This online community provides a platform for the exchange of ideas among thought leaders in the legal tech space. Whether ILTA member, business partner, consultant, or non-member – all individuals in the legal sector looking to bring critical insights to discussions or looking to learn more are welcome to join.

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This online community serves as ILTA’s host space for the Legal Systems Test Repository (LSTR), a broad set of test cases for the core Legal Office Stack of Applications provided by Qualitest.

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This online community hosts a volunteer-led series, ILTA Tip of the Week. The discussion board also serves as a place to exchange ideas and information related to technology, practices, and standards focused on training in the legal environment. Topics discussed include (but are not limited to): IT training; soft skill training; professional leadership development; competency management; e-learning; firm universities; and skills assessment.

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Jeff Wyatt, ILTA Member and Chief Administrative Officer at McMahon Surovik Suttle, PC

"I love ILTA forums. The knowledge I have obtained has paid for my membership several times over. I read about things over my head, answer things I have experience with and ask specific questions about things important to my firm. Specifically, I have chosen a backup solution due to ILTA forum suggestions, changed User Rights for security, purchased a Large File Transfer solution also due to ILTA info. I have no doubt our firm has a much more secure environment because of what I have pulled from ILTA forums. Additionally, I believe I get a sense of what solutions are good values and save money from that knowledge."


ILTA Directories

With ILTA membership, you gain access to over 25,000 peers within the ILTA Member Directory and Sponsor Directory. You can find the person you connected with at an ILTA Event, find someone with the title you aspire to obtain or gain insight into a solution with a recommended company contact. Discover the connection you are looking for and reach out! never know how it might change your career or organization. 

Tip: To make the best connections, make sure your profile is at its best! A completed profile helps you make truly meaningful connections and in turn makes you more discoverable to people looking for, well – people like you! 


This digital Rolodex provides access to more than 25,000 professionals in the legal community.

Search for peers with specific expertise or similar titles, interests, educational background, and even people from your organization who are active in ILTA and may work from a different location or even country. Depending on member preferences, you may be able to see your peers’ bios, online community selections, and how involved they are with ILTA. The ILTA Member Directory is only open to ILTA members.

How to tap into the directory


Thousands of Business Partners are ready to answer your questions and show you the latest solutions.

Search by company name, product categories, and keywords. You may also search by ILTA Corporate Sponsorship level which may help you see the numerous opportunities to connect with specific business partners within the ILTA community. Once your search results appear, you will find the solution provider’s company overview, social links, awards, staff contacts, and more! 

Stay tuned for upcoming enhancements
Coming early 2022, ILTA Business Partners will be organized by primary product/service category for quicker search results. 

Business Partners: Select Your Category

ILTA Digital and In-Person* Events

Look at the Upcoming ILTA Events Calendar and you will find an event for almost every week, if not every business day. ILTA community members and staff work hard to produce premier education and networking events to help widen your network, enhance your skills and career, and set your organization up for success. The connections you make during ILTA events will last a lifetime.

*Availability of in-person events depends on CDC and local COVID guidelines

types of ILTA Events

As an ILTA member, there is no extra cost to register for most webinars, roundtables, virtual meetups, special interest group meetings, or product briefings. This is one of the many benefits of membership with ILTA. 

View the ILTA Event Calendar
ILTA Roundtables

From Master Classes to less formal digital meetings, ILTA roundtables offer legal tech professionals a seat at the table to discuss their challenges, share solutions, and create the future of the business of law.
ILTA Product Briefings

A chance to learn about the latest tech updates from the solution providers themselves. ILTA Product briefings offer members a no-obligation, no-pressure, no-commitment learning experience.
ILTA Special Interest Group Meetings

An opportunity for European and UK-based legal professionals to gather to talk about all things knowledge management, information security, IT education, litigation support, and tech architecture. Learn more about SIG Groups.
ILTA Virtual Meetups and Socials

Meaningful connections await you...join in ILTA’s local meetups, network, and rub (literal and digital!) elbows with other legal techies. Keep an eye out for invitations from your local member liaison in a city near you! Find your local ILTA member liaison.
ILTA Webinars

Listen in on the latest tech trends and must-knows from subject matter experts living and breathing legal tech each day. Ask questions, share your thoughts in the chat, and see what your peers are doing.



Your resource for reliable insights, trends, and more. The ILTA Content Coordinating Teams and ILTA Staff collaborate with experts in the global legal technology community to produce resources that make your business as informed and efficient as possible. Click through the ILTA website and you will find publications, podcasts, articles, interviews, video recordings,  and blogs that will help you become the legal tech insider for your organization.

ILTA Publications

ILTA publications focus solely on educational content and industry thought leadership. With a constantly changing authorship, composed of industry experts, there is always something new to learn!

Designed for legal tech and business support professionals. Themes and topics are driven by member input and include thought-provoking features, case studies, interviews and more.

Read past issues

These digital publications include five to eight articles that are typically deeper dives than those published in the quarterly magazine. They often contain podcasts and videos that supplement the articles and continue your learning.

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Each ILTA Survey takes a deep dive into an area, like Knowledge Management, AI, Security, and more and then presents the most relevant and useable data.

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ILTA Podcasts

ILTA Radio podcasts highlight the best of ILTA, great content, strong speakers, and innovative solutions. Tune in and find creative solutions, whether it be a tool or advice, that helps move your career and organization forward.


Marlene Gebauer

Marlene Gebauer, ILTA Member and Director of Knowledge Management at Locke Lord LLP

"I enjoy the variety of topics-there really is one for every sort of ILTA member. There are episodes on improving client-firm relationships, toolkits for different practice support groups, data retention, analytics, and their use, career development advice—really there are too many topics to highlight, but all the pods are very well done. I also appreciate that ILTA is intentional about highlighting the voices of women—there is even a podcast series devoted to influential women in legal tech."


Tune INTO These ILTA Radio Series

What Went Wrong

What Went Wrong

Where we find out about a moment that changed the course of a career, an idea, or a life in legal.

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A casual conversation around all things tech, innovation, and of course, about baseball, and hops.

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Fresh Voices of Legal Tech

Fresh Voices of Legal Tech - Europe

A look into different career paths in the legal tech community.

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Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge

An award-winning series covering timely and interesting topics in legal technology.

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Getting a Seat at the Table

Getting a Seat at the Table

Brought to you by the Women Who Lead Group this podcast takes aim at boardroom tables everywhere as guests talk about their “chairs,” who is at their table, and how they carved out their seats.

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Find ILTA Radio podcasts at...

ILTA Video Recordings

On-demand webinars, interviews, and other presentations covering the latest topics, challenges, and trends in legal tech.

ILTA Video Recordings

ILTA Content Coordinating Teams, Staff, Business Partners, and other ILTAns host various digital events each month to make sure you have the latest information about the legal industry, career development, solutions, and more. Log in to ILTA recordings on-demand. You will also find many of the sessions offer transcripts and additional resources provided by panelists.


ILTA Blogs

Written by ILTAns, for ILTAns. ILTA Blogs take complex industry information and make education approachable.

ILTA Blogs

ILTA Blogs are short, timely content offering directly applicable information for your role or organization. Searchable by area of knowledge, ILTA blogs offer you not only relevant information but also the chance to write for a larger readership while reading content directly from your peers. Unfiltered and sometimes underrated, this resource is waiting to help you explore your own untapped potential.




ILTA offers legal professionals a safe space for developing and showcasing their leadership skills. Active participation in ILTA unlocks countless opportunities to boost your confidence, build your soft skills, and shape your trajectory as a leader. ILTA is committed to providing a safe environment where you can practice your leadership skills without the burden of having a formal leadership role. Learn how you can take advantage of these valuable opportunities to continue to learn, grow, and flourish.

Barbara Gondim Da Rocha

Bárbara Gondim Da Rocha, ILTA Member and Head of Knowledge Management and Innovation, Rocha, Marinho E Sales Advogado

"ILTA provides a safe environment to develop and train your leadership skills without the burden of having a formal leadership role. By engaging in ILTA’s initiatives (volunteer roles, online communities, local gatherings, virtual events, conferences) one can master public speaking, connect with tough leaders in the industries and learn from them, find a mentor, and so much more."


ILTA Leadership Resources

No matter where you are in your career, ILTA has the resources to help develop your leadership skills. Whether you are a young professional just starting your career, a professional who is new to legal, or a seasoned legal technologist, ILTA has pieces of training, networking opportunities, volunteer roles, recordings, and more that will help you become an effective and influential leader. 

Law Firm 101

Looking to step up your game in knowing the in’s and out’s of the business of law? Getting a solid foundation is a key building block in your journey to becoming a leader in legal. Check out ILTA’s Law Firm 101, an interactive eLearning course that provides guidance and support to those who are new to working in law firms. Learn more here.

Career Center

Curious about what’s required in order to take the next step in your career? Check out ILTA’s Career Center, space where you can see positions employers are hiring for right now in legal and what’s required. ILTA’s Career Center also provides resources and tips around creating powerful resumes, personal branding, salary negotiations. Learn more here.

Three Ways to Become a Leader with ILTA

The first step to thought leadership is joining the conversation. Join an ILTA forum and share what you know. See if you can answer any recent questions within one of the following online communities open to all:

#CreatingtheFutureTogether // Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion // Women Who Lead Group // Open Forum

Consistently ranked for delivering some of the most valuable publications in the legal technology sector, ILTA offers an award-winning quarterly magazine, white papers, and surveys that deliver education when and where readers want it. Look at our annual editorial calendar to see if your expertise fits slated topics.

Pitch an article

Whether it be for a webinar, Featured Event, or Conference, getting up on a stage, or on a Zoom call, people want to hear your stories and learnings. Look out for call for speaker emails and egroup posts, connect with ILTA staff or fill out the "I have an Idea" form to be considered.

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Learn and Experience ILTA Leadership

One of the most important parts of your career is moving up to the next level. Let ILTA help you succeed. Let ILTA Leadership and subject matter experts help guide your learning pathways and give you practical and actionable tips, tools, and conversations that will open doors for you! And don’t stop there, ILTA’s dedicated Leadership series offers you a chance to raise your hand, to be part of the conversation. We are always looking for Community suggestions for topics and areas that you want to learn more about! 

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Subscribe to the ILTA YouTube channel to learn from legal technology thought leaders. Not sure where to start? Check out Solutions Now and ILTA News to witness the power of ILTA thought leadership.

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ILTA Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

ILTA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide an opportunity for members in firms throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, and Ireland to participate in useful discussions with peers in job roles and work remit. Share experiences, ask questions, kick around ideas, float suggestions, and thrash out problems with like-minded individuals.

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Women Who Lead Group

The ILTA Women Who Lead mission is to empower women to advance to, and succeed in, technology leadership positions within law firms, corporate legal departments, and technology providers within the ILTA community. The online community is open to all who foster leadership in women.

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Leadership Content

ILTA Content Coordinating Teams and other volunteers have created various pieces covering leadership and leadership development.

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Tea With Me

Tune into an award-winning ILTA TV series where Dawn Hudgins, ILTA VP of Service Delivery, sits down with various leaders in legal technology to learn about their career journeys and what advice they give to others.

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Peer Power

Peer Power

What sets ILTA apart is the peer power behind it. Everything ILTA produces has volunteers powering it or guiding it. ILTAns are ready to provide recommendations, share their expertise, and so much more! Simply, this community is ready to help you succeed in whatever stage of your career or organization is next.

Whether it be through their volunteerism or by connecting via communities, events, or inboxes, ILTAns have changed the lives of individuals, improved organizations’ businesses, and acknowledged key successes within the legal space.

What ILTAns Are Saying About Peer Power

Vanessa Lozzi

Vanessa Lozzi, ILTA Member and Senior Legal Technology and Litigation Support Administrator, Assistant Vice President, Flagstar Bank

"I originally became a member of ILTA when I worked for a law firm. Over 10 years ago when I switched to a job in a corporate legal department, I soon found my needs from this organization changed. The first ILTACON I attended as a corporate member I quickly found a new network of peers that have become invaluable to me over the course of my career. The corporate members were so welcoming and introduced me to the value I can get from my membership from the law department perspective. I enjoy participating in webinars, utilizing the Community of Interest, and of course ILTACON. ILTA also has a Corporate Legal page on its website with helpful resources and information. I think the main difference in this organization vs other professional associations is our membership goes beyond GC’s, attorneys, and Legal Operation professionals. I am most grateful for the meaningful personal connections I have made over the years."

George Chui

George Chui, ILTA Member and Director, Systems Development, Global Technology,  Prudential Financial

"Ever since joining ILTA 6 years ago, I’m amazed at the level of continual knowledge sharing and collaborations amongst the members. Members volunteer their time to plan awesome educational content (ILTACON, Virtual Sessions, Local Events, etc.) and are eager to help with questions posted on the Community eGroups. Personally, it’s the professional connections that come with working on educational sessions and volunteering together at events. Because of this external pool of resources that I can leverage, my contributions to my organization are that much more enriched!

Meet ILTA Volunteers

ILTA runs on volunteers who create education and events with YOU in mind. Whether it be through an official volunteer role or a micro-volunteer role, hundreds of legal technologists around the globe volunteer by contributing daily to ILTA’s network of knowledge. Peers openly share their knowledge and time, cheer you on to conquer challenges, fight for the betterment of Legal, and become a second family.

Alisher Y

Alisher Yuldashev, Business Technology Advisory Manager, Borden Ladner Gervais

"Volunteering with ILTA is a whole new world with access to unlimited connections, a wealth of resources, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to further your personal and professional development in legal tech. I am enjoying my time with ILTA every day and can’t recommend it enough!"

Gretel Best

Gretel Best, Manager, Litigation Support & eDiscovery at Gowling WLG

"Volunteering with ILTA has been extremely rewarding, both personally and professionally. As a volunteer, I have received tremendous support and encouragement from ILTA’s leadership. I have also had the opportunity to meet other individuals in litigation support and eDiscovery around the world. The scope, breadth, and dedication of ILTA's volunteers are incredible. Volunteering is an excellent way to share thoughts and ideas with others who are equally as invested in making the community as collaborative and inclusive as possible.:

Rodolfo Christophersen

Rodolfo Christophersen, Head of Legal, Inviu

"My experience as a Volunteer with the ILTA CCT has been amazing! Participating as a Volunteer in this capacity has provided me with two great opportunities. First, the opportunity to bring my experience and the voice of many amazing professionals from South America to the content that we create for corporate professionals; and second, the opportunity to connect with peers, leaders of the industry, organization staff, and Board members!"

Ready to be a part of the Peer Power?

The ILTA Community is ready for you to dive in! Create a login, become a member, update your profile, attend an event, volunteer; there are so many ways you can become involved with ILTA today! 

Not sure what to do next? Contact the ILTA Membership and they will be happy to chat with you and see how the association can serve you and your organization.